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Self-care tips when you’re on a job hunt

By Jana Angeles | 29 March 2019

Whether you’re at the stage of changing careers, or wanting to start a fresh new role in your industry, being on a job hunt can feel tedious if not planned properly.

While the excitement of landing a new job is what drives us to sending our first application, it can feel like a repetitive chore you have to do, especially if you’ve had your fair share of applications being put on the rejection pile. It’s important to take the steps of self-care so we learn not to push ourselves too much when it comes to job hunting.

While it may be a priority at a stage in your life, you deserve to have some self-care practices implemented while you job hunt. Here are some tips to help you take the pressure off when job searching.

Self-care tips to practice while job searching

  1. Take time to recharge.
  2. Slow down on the job applications.
  3. Spend time with family and friends.
  4. Put things into perspective.

1. Take time to recharge.

woman recharging with cup of tea

Scouring the internet for jobs, tailoring your cover letter and resume and making time for face-to-face interviews can feel robotic, especially if you have one or two interviews scheduled in a week.

With so much prep time involved when answering interview questions, it can feel like you’re back to school again, memorising perfect answers and dressing to impress the people who could potentially be your future employers. 

It’s important that you know what your limits are when it comes to job hunting. If you know that you’re spreading yourself too thin and not performing your best during job interviews, take a break from your applications and find time to recharge effectively.

This could be unwinding with a book or movie, meditating or taking a walk around your neighbourhood. Find activities to help you unwind from the hectic process that comes with job hunting.

2. Slow down on the job applications.

slow down concept

If you’re used to submitting several job applications per day, this could lead to job search burnout. Don’t choose quantity over quality. Instead of feeling the pressure of sending several job applications per day, focus on submitting three or less per week that will help you score a job interview.

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your resume is tailored to the job description and applying for a role that brings you excitement. Do a job that you know will boost your employability in the industry you’re part of - one that you’ll be happy to come into work for everyday.

3. Spend time with family and friends.

two woman friends having a meal together

Tap into your immediate circle of friends and family and spend time with them while you job search. It’s important that you maintain these relationships because they can be your main source of motivation when looking for a job.

If you know that some of them are well-connected in the industry you’re already working in, let them know that you’re on the hunt for a new role and see if they can get in touch with their existing connections for job opportunities.

Spending time with family and friends can also be a good way to boost your mood, especially if you’ve recently had to endure some tough rejections from jobs you applied for recently. 

4. Put things into perspective.

perspective concept

If you have been through a couple of interviews and received no feedback from them, or you feel like you need an attitude change when it comes to your approach in job hunting, find time to reflect back on your past applications and/or interviews to help you improve for next time. 

Recognising your weaknesses early on can help you give time to work on any particular skills, or if you need to study a qualification to help you achieve your desired career goals.

Reflecting on your current situation and looking into what you need to further improve on can help you be less negative and implement realistic goals that can be achieved.

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