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Set yourself a new year's study goal for 2018

By Fi Darby | 31 December 2017

If you’re going to set goals, January is a great time to do it. Over the holidays you’ll hopefully have had time away from the rush of daily life to contemplate your future and find a bit of New Year motivation. The New Year is a great time to start putting into practice some of the exciting life-change ideas you have had over the past 12 months. However, think carefully when setting yourself New Year’s resolutions, success in these can be a big motivator, disappointment can have exactly the opposite effect.

Resolutions are more likely to be achievable if they reflect your dreams so whether your dream is to get a promotion, explore a new career path, consider study over New Year via an online course or even start a new business, it pays to build resolutions that fit in with that goal. Nobody wants to waste their New Year motivation by failing to achieve an ambition, so before you start working towards yours, have a think about the 4 points below: 

  • Choose a resolution goal that you’ll enjoy.
    For example, if you make studying a goal then select a subject that will grab your interest.
  • Plan how you aim to achieve your ultimate goal.
    For example, if your goal is to set up your own business then consider how you’re going to get business savvy as well as how you’re going to develop your product.
  • Break your resolution goal down into smaller steps.
    You might need a Bachelor Degree for your dream career path but undertaking online study towards a shorter qualification first will help you get into the study groove and may even count towards your final study goal.
  • Make sure you’re clear about how you’re going to measure your resolution success.
    That way you can celebrate it when it comes.

Some New Year’s resolutions follow the above advice more readily than others. Here are a few examples:

"I’m going to add a new qualification to my resume."
"I’m going to update my resume."

"I’m going to take a Certificate IV qualification in Business (BSB40215)."
"I’m going to learn more about business."

"I’m going to study IT because I find it interesting."
"I’m going to study IT because it is the latest, most popular course."

You could argue maybe that one New Year’s resolution isn’t enough and that you should channel your New Year motivation into a series of smaller resolutions, all leading to one bigger goal. This is where study over New Year can fit in. Bigger goals such as a brand-new career or an impressive promotion, are all made more likely to succeed if you can show that you have the following things:

Relevant skills

  • The ability to apply yourself
  • The grit and determination to succeed

Online study is so popular with employers because it demonstrates your commitment to your current goal, which, in turn, indicates that you will be equally committed to future company goals.

Could online study be your New Year goal?

Online study should definitely be something you’re considering for your New Year goal. Online study is for everyone, can lead to even greater things and is often more achievable than people think, for example:

  • An online course will allow you to study when you want to instead of attending at set times each week.
  • An online course will allow you to study at your own pace and not expect you to keep up with a group.
  • An online course will fit in with your current job and immediately start to enhance your skills.
  • An online course is far more ‘family friendly’ than a traditional one.
  • An online course can be paid for through flexible payment plans.

At Upskilled we believe in the value of learning, firstly as a tangible step towards career or life goals, but also as a key to personal development. Our online courses make ideal New Year’s goals because they are designed to be achievable. Many of our students find our courses and the experience of taking them so satisfying that they sign up for further study once they have finished. Little steps, added together, can make big journeys. 2018 could be your year to shine and the first step to shining is to find your inner light. In December 2018, think how great it’ll be to look back and know that you have achieved your goals, with online study you can and will.

Check out the Upskilled Career Guide. It’s a handy way to recognise existing skills and assessing what skills you need. It provides a course planning pathway, including where to begin and how to select a course.

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