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Student Q&A: Amanda Carney

Business Faculty Student - Logistics

Editor's note: Upskilled no longer offers courses in logistics. Please contact us on 1300 009 924 to discuss other course options. 

Amanda Carney studied the TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics because she wanted to boost her knowledge in logistics and had the desire to keep learning. It was also an opportunity to progress in her career and develop more relevant skills for her role within the Royal Australian Navy.

In this Q&A, learn more about Amanda's study experience with Upskilled, from the support she received by her trainer to the valuable skills she's managed to learn from the assessments. 

What sparked your interest in studying the TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics?

I recently discharged from Royal Australian Navy and as part of my recognition of prior learning, I gained a qualification in warehousing. I decided to complete a TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics to extend my learning and qualifications in logistics

I have been part of logistics for 6 years, so I knew I had good knowledge to be able to complete the Certificate IV, and it would help me progress in my career and my current role outside the Royal Australian Navy. I could use my experience in the Royal Australian Navy to complete projects and assessments to my advantage and show firsthand what I already learnt.

Since completing this course, would you say it has been beneficial to your current job role?

My role in the company is the delivery of aviation spare parts to Royal Australian Navy detachments across Australia and overseas. With this study, I have become a better leader in the warehouse to help my team and colleagues.

By completing this course, I have a better understanding of the logistics system. In my role, I am one part of the supply chain helping the Australian Defence Force in delivering good customer service. I have learnt what happens outside my role in the company, as well as help others within the logistics section. 
logistics concept

What skills have you gained or improved on since studying the course?

Since studying the course, I have learnt better techniques on how to study. My communication skills have also improved and I’m able to elaborate and be more specific when providing explanations, and my leadership skills are better than before. I was able to split work and study in my schedule and knew what worked best for me. 

Could you share how your trainer has assisted you throughout the course? 

My trainer was always available via email or phone call. Whenever I had trouble understanding a question, he was able to direct me in the right direction. My trainer was able to clarify and provide feedback on my assessments, and it really helped.

It gave me the confidence that I understood the topics and course requirements. If something was wrong, he’d notify me and correct questions or assessments I may not have understood clearly. He was very quick and prompt to answer my questions so I did not fall behind schedule.

Tell us your experience with online learning. How did it help you?

This was my first proper online learning experience. I enjoyed it better as I don’t like reading textbooks - I find it intimidating to read and summarise all the information. These days, technology is used almost everywhere, and online learning is part of that.

It makes it easier to get access and not having to be in lectures or in a classroom. I was able to go at my own pace and if I didn’t understand something, I could go back in that section of learning. Writing notes from online learning is easier than listening to a teacher explain and missing vital information. logistics concept

What aspects of the course have you enjoyed and why?

I enjoyed getting back into studying and actually expanding my knowledge of logistics. It is enjoyable to know that in the end, what you have submitted is correct and that my trainer could understand what I was trying to say with my answers to the questions. When I finally finished the course, I felt accomplished. It does not take too long to finish once you get on top of the topics.

Any helpful advice you’d like to share to future students wanting to study the course? 

I would highly recommend doing this course as you will have a better understanding of logistics and it will open opportunities within the industry. You’ll gain a lot of confidence in your work after completing this course. Most of all, you’ll come out with a qualification.

Interested in expanding your skills in logistics?

If you're like Amanda and have the drive to progress your career further in logistics, check out Upskilled's offering of logistic courses here. You can have a nationally recognised qualification in 12 months like the TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics, where you will learn how to coordinate quality customer service, provide personal leadership, implement and supervise stocktaking procedures, and more.

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