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Student Q&A: Cristina Moscoso

Business Faculty Student - Logistics

Editor's note: Upskilled no longer offers courses in logistics. Please contact us on 1300 009 924 to discuss other course options. 

*Cristina completed her course in April 2020.

Cristina Moscoso is currently studying the TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics. Having prior experience in the logistics industry in another country, she believes that attaining this qualification will be a great foundation for her when pursuing roles in the industry within Australia.

In this Q&A, she tells us what aspects of the course she enjoys and the benefits online study has provided for her.

Why did you choose to study the TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics? 

My professional career has been in logistics. I haven’t worked in 4 years as my experience was in another country.  I would like to return back to work, knowing I have an Australian qualification and that my knowledge meets the standards.  

How are you finding this course so far?

I’ve just started the course and so far, I like the focus it has.  The module I’m currently up to is explaining how important it is to prioritise and manage the variables. It also addresses the topic of how to succeed as a manager/leader.

All the material is interesting and merges well in between subjects, even when it is about a different topic. The videos, webinars, audio and textbook provided make the content so versatile in its delivery.   logistics concept

What do you find interesting about logistics?

We use logistics every day, even for small tasks. Commuting from one place to another, organising or planning an activity, etc. Each factor is as important as the objective of the task; any factor missing will create a delay or failure in the final product. A person who works in logistics is able to look at the bigger picture, knows the business and how to solve specific situational problems in a short amount of time. 

What would you say are the benefits of online study?

It gives more flexibility, not only in time, but also in location.  I can set my own schedule depending on my daily activities.  I can go back and listen to the recordings or read the course content as many times as I like when studying. 
I also don’t have to commute, which saves me time and money  I have the responsibility of finishing my assignments, so I am also responsible for organising my resources. There is also a trainer who helps online to solve or discuss topics related to the assignments.   

Do you feel like this course will help you for future job roles in the logistics industry?

Yes, absolutely. The course offers a diverse range of topics, which I consider are necessary to know and understand. There are many practical examples and the assessments require you to apply that knowledge in real-life situations. The course makes it easy to see how these can be improved or changed in an efficient way.

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