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Bethanie D'Amico

Aged Care Team Leader

I’m from Landsdale Western Australia and I studied the Diploma of Counselling. I found the ability to work at your own pace and move ahead of the group if capable, very advantageous and I liked the fact that the course allowed my own schedule to be accommodated.
I find that the Community Services industry in Australia is currently experiencing an increasing demand, especially in the Aged and Disability Care space. I have been working in an ongoing job role across many areas of leadership, management and human and community services for over 10 years now. I plan on using my qualification in my new career role; I have now secured a job in the Aged and Community Sector in a leadership position.
I found studying online to be excellent - it allows flexibility, and enables your own pace to be accommodated, ensuring that your lifestyle requirements and other demands can also be accommodated. My personal interests include cooking and staying fit;- running in particular, which keeps my mind and body healthy! Running clears my head and allows me to perform better in my leadership position, enabling better problem solving clarity in thought, and general wellbeing.
My career began 25 years ago in healthcare, then moved through to commercial and residential property management, mining management and now back to Aged and Community Care, all in leadership positions. Continued study and upskilling has been a part of my career throughout the years to head me stay capable and competent in each discipline I have worked in.
My trainer was amazing – she gave me constant feedback and constructive criticism, challenging my thinking and driving me to achieve better results each and every time! Christine Barrett was fantastic!
Upskilled provided an easy, accommodating and well-organised course that enabled the study to be done where and when it suited me.  The course site and means of communication, materials access and assessment structures were fantastic and created an environment that generated motivation, building a deep interest in the course, additional research and materials that I looked forward to studying more and more every day!

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