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Chad Combes

Information Technology Support Worker

I studied a Diploma of Information Technology Networking and also a Diploma of Information Technology Systems Administration. The courses were highly relevant and the content provided me with a number of skills and concepts which enabled me to take on more advanced tasks in my professional role. 

I'm an IT Support Officer with a primary role in network and systems management. I found the course delivery extremely versatile and it easily allowed me to complete the content in my own time and schedule. Being able to access my course and content whenever I had time allowed me to complete both diplomas quickly and conveniently.

Since commencing the course, I've been able to take on more advanced projects and accelerate timelines for a number of key tasks, resulting in a more efficient and productive workplace. I intend to further my studies in network management and progress to a specialist role focusing on network infrastructure.

Particularly, I have applied knowledge from my diplomas in the complete redesign and development of multiple sites' network and server infrastructure. I find I learn best in a hands-on environment and having the theoretical knowledge from my course has allowed me to combine both learning types. 

Completing my dual diploma through Upskilled was a very convenient and efficient way to gain further skills in my field, and I was able to complete both qualifications in a schedule that suited my work and lifestyle. The content provided by the course matched my work requirements perfectly and has allowed me to complete more advanced tasks, furthering my own professional development and employment prospects.


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