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Ivan Chu

Business Consultant (Data Analyst)


I studied the Diploma of Database Design and Development. The course content was geared towards what I do every day at work, and more. As a database and business consultant working full-time, the course materials helped to reinforce (and improve) my skills on how to better design a database system and develop a better scope document, deliverable, project sign-off, project estimation, and completion. 

In addition, I have also learned to understand the importance of copyright, privacy, ethics, and sustainability for any software developer or contractor or the company itself. The 100% online delivery course fits perfectly in my situation. The online delivery method allows me to study anytime at night and weekends from thousands of miles away.

My trainer was extremely supportive and knowledgeable. During the course of my studies, I was faced with a few questions and concerns on two assignments. After communicating with my trainer through email and phone calls, he was able to guide me on the right path and offer me the support and encouragement I needed to successfully complete my assignment. I didn't really need to call student support as most of my questions and concerns were answered by my trainer.

I love the fact that I can do the study all online and at my own pace, for this reason, I was able to finish this one-year diploma program way ahead of time. I believe there will be many benefits for me and my workplace in the near future, however as I have just completed the course, I can only list a few:

  • Designing a better SQL server database system.
  • Improvement on project management and data management skills.
  • Understanding the significance of copyrights, ethics, privacy and sustainability for any workplace environment.

I may be looking at a web development diploma or another IT-related course in the future. I believe I will have the opportunity to put my training into “real world”, practical experience as time goes by.

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