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CISSP Certification

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) training equips one with the competitive skills required for a successful cyber security career, arming them with the best practices in designing, developing, and maintaining a high-quality security program. 

Undergo training aligned with the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)² and prepare for the highly distinguished CISSP Certification exam. Once completed and passed, you'll establish your credibility as a CISSP expert - helping broaden your career opportunities and enhance your earning potential

Course delivered by Simplilearn.
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Delivery Mode
This is an online short course and students will learn via live virtual classes
Maintain Your CISSP Certification
Acquire 30 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points to pursue the CISSP examination
Gain The Expertise for Certification
Receive 5 simulation test papers to help you prepare for your CISSP examination
Training Made For Exam Success
Receive an exam voucher upon course completion

Course Summary

3-5 months
Access For
Lifetime Access
1 course
$2,350 incl. GST
The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Short Course delivered by Simplilearn aims to bolster one's cyber security knowledge through advanced skills in designing and managing a security program.

Comprised of one course (and 11 lessons), students will train in globally-recognised, vendor-neutral cyber security skills, preparing them for the CISSP certification. Lessons will delve into areas of security and risk management; network security; assessment and testing; and general security operations. Upon course completion, you'll not only have the work-ready skills to pursue high-paying cyber security opportunities - but the knowledge to pass your CISSP exam. This certifies your skillset among potential employers and grants you eligibility for (ISC)² membership.

What you will learn

By the end of this CISSP Short Course, you will accomplish the following:
  • A thorough knowlege of best cyber security practices under CISSP
  • Skills to successfully design, develop, and maintain your own comprehensive security program
  • The skills and knowledge to pursue and pass the CISSP certification exam

Course Structure

The CISSP Short Course is designed for mid-level security professionals looking to sharpen their skills for today's competitive industry standards. The program explores various areas of a top-quality cyber security program, including security and risk management; architecture and design; network security; software development security; access management; cryptography, and more.

Those who complete the course will have earned the knowledge required to pursue CISSP certification. Students will be granted a complementary exam retake voucher in case they fail the first attempt. Getting certified under CISSP also grants you eligibility to pursue (ISC)² membership, a leading international association for cyber security professionals.
  • CISSP® - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

    This course explores all the technical skills required of a CISSP professional. Students will delve into areas of security architecture, engineering, risk management, testing, and general operations - equipping them with the skills to develop and implement their own top-of-the-line security program.

    Lesson 01: Course Introduction
    Lesson 02: Domain One: Security and Risk Management
    Lesson 03: Domain Two: Asset Security
    Lesson 04: Domain Three: Security Architecture and Engineering
    Lesson 05: Domain Four: Communication and Network Security
    Lesson 06: Spotlight Video One
    Lesson 07: Domain Five: Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    Lesson 08: Domain Six: Security Assessment and Testing
    Lesson 09: Domain Seven: Security Operations
    Lesson 10: Domain Eight: Software Development Security
    Lesson 11: Spotlight Video Two
    Course delivery format: online learning + live virtual classes

Completion Certificate

You will gain individual certificates after completing each course

Who is this course for?

Individuals looking to undertake this CISSP Short Course must:
  • Possess at least an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma
  • Have a minimum of five years of professional work experience in two or more of the 8 CISSP - (ISC)² CBK 2021 domains
Those with under five years of experience will receive the (ISC)² associate title.

Individuals best suited to this course could include:
  • Security Architects
  • Security Managers
  • Security Consultants
  • IT Managers
  • Security System Engineers
  • Network Architects

Career outcomes

IT Security Engineer
IT security engineers are responsible for designing and building an organisation's security systems. They may also plan for security upgrades; implement and test new features; and respond to security incidents as necessary.
$109k AUD
Information Technology
Security Administrator
Security Administrators are tasked with installing, administering, and troubleshooting a company's network solutions. They ensure constant security of their network and troubleshoot for problems as needed.
$111k AUD
Information Technology
Security Systems Administrator
Security Systems Administrators ensure that all security operations of a company are running smoothly. They regularly monitor their company's IT systems, maintain user accounts, and occasionally develop new security procedures.
$100k AUD
Information Technology

CISSP Certification course advisor

Globally-Recognised CISSP-Certified Trainers
Students will be trained under highly qualified CISSP-certified instructors. These professionals have had over 16 of expereince working in the CISSP domain, including 10-12 of relevant teaching experience; and aim to equip you with up-to-date, industry-standard practices and work-ready skillsets.

Show off your achievements

Earn your CISSP Certification

Digital certificates are the new way for Upskilled and Simplilearn graduates to offer proof of their hard earned knowledge or skill set.  

You will receive individual certificates after each short course. Additionally, upon completion of the entire course, you will then be well-equipped to pursue the CISSP certification exam. This offer provides you with a free exam retake in the case you fail your first attempt. Passing the test will grant you CISSP certification, verifying your expertise for the job market and granting you eligibility to pursue (ISC)² membership.

Differentiate Yourself 

Set yourself apart from the competition by certifying your security skills under the CISSP standard.

This is your ticket to get your foot through the door and proof that you have applied CISSP knowledge and skills to real-world projects making you job ready as a full-fledged expert.

Share your achievement

You worked for it, you earned it! Share your achievement loud and proud! Talk about your CISSP certification on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Add it to your CV to stand out and showcase to your employers.


What is the difference between an Online Bootcamp Program and a Short Course?

An Online Bootcamp Program is an intensive and accelerated learning program made up of a collection of self-paced eLearning components and live online classes that students are required to attend.

The Online Bootcamp program curriculum contain a combination of specifically chosen courses and career-critical skills that are aligned to a job role.

A Short Course on the other hand are shorter courses that is designed to target developing a specific skill set or topic. They generally are much quicker to complete than Bootcamp Programs.


What is the CISSP certification?

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification was developed by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)² - a global leader in cyber security. Acquiring this designation verifies your skills as internationally-recognised, vendor-neutral, and capable of implementing and managing a top-quality security program. It is one of the most sought-after certifications in the cyber security industry, helping you stand out in the job market among potential employers.

Additionally, acquiring CISSP certification grants you eligibility for (ISC)² membership. This opens your doors to a vast array of industry resources, career paths, professional development opportunities, and networking events.

It is a certification any current or aspiring cyber security professional should consider, certifying your expertise as current, competitive, and globally-recognised.


What is the basic qualification to enrol in this CISSP Short Course?

Those looking to enrol in the CISSP Short Course must possess at least an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma.

Additionally, a minimum of five years' worth of work experience in two or more of the 8 domains under CISSP - (ISC)² CBK 2021. Those who hold less than five years of full-time work experience will be granted the (ISC)² associate title.


Is the exam fee for the CISSP Certification Exam included in the course fee?

The exam fee for the CISSP Short Course is not included in the course fee. However, those residing in the Americas, Canada, and Europe regions have the exam fee included. Students are able to directly schedule their exams through

Students have a maximum of 45 days to take their exams upon completion of their training, though it is strongly recommended to do so within a week of course completion. This ensures that the content you've learned is still fresh and top-of-mind.


What are the benefits of studying a Short Course?

While aspiring IT professionals may have traditionally been required to complete four-year degrees and attend face-to-face classroom training; the availability of short courses provide a more flexible, accessible pathway to upskilling. These programs are typically much more condensed - though still offer the intensive, practical training required to grant you the industry-standard skills you need. Additionally, plenty are now available online (such as this CISSP Short Course delivered by Simplilearn) helping you study at a time, place, and pace that works best for your schedule.

Acquiring your CISSP training through our short course grants you the freedom of studying while tending to other work or personal commitments. All classes are conducted live online, though offer intereactive participation; allowing you to ask questions and discuss as you would in a physical classroom. Recordings of each session are also archived for your future reference, further helping you in your preparation for the certification exam.


Why Should I Study a CISSP Short Course?

The CISSP certification was developed to help professionals verify their security skills as up-to-date, industry-standard, and capable of designing and implementing quality security programs. Studying our CISSP Short Course can help arm you with the expertise to successfully pursue CISSP certification - a credential that can broaden your career opportunities and boost your earning potential in the cyber security field.

According to Payscale, the average CISSP worker earns about $137k AUD per year. Depending on your cyber security specialty, earnings can reach well over an average of $250k AUD annually.


Will I earn a certificate?

Students who complete the CISSP Short Course will receive a course completion certificate along with a 30 hours CPE's certificate provided by Simplilearn.

To receive your CISSP certification, however, you must apply for and pass your online exams through This course is simply designed to help you prepare for examination. Passing the test also grants you eligibility for (ISC)² membership, where you'll gain access to further industry resources, employment opportunities, and peer-to-peer networking events.


What skills will I learn under CISSP training?

The CISSP Short Course is designed for intermediate security professionals looking to sharpen their skillset. It's thus best to pursue this training with a foundational understanding of cyber security and its basic practices.

The skill areas you'll explore through our CISSP training include: security architecture and engineering; security and risk management; network security; identity and access management; security testing; software development security; and general security operations. By the end of the course, you'll have build the skills to design and implement your own top-quality security program.


How do I enrol in the CISSP Short Course?

To enrol in this CISSP Short Course, you'll need to first submit an enquiry form via our website. You'll need to provide the following details:
  • Your Name
  • Best Phone Number
  • Email Address
Once you've submitted your online form, one of our education consultants will be in touch within 48 hours.

During the consultation, you'll be able to ask questions regarding payment options, learning content and what career outcomes you can pursue if you complete your studies.


What are the job opportunities for those with a CISSP certification?

The CISSP is considered one of the most demanded certifications worldwide, helping you draw greater employment opportunities on the job market. Most senior cyber security positions will often deem the credential as a pre-condition (or at the very least, is "strongly recommended"). As such, you'll likely broaden your potential career paths with a CISSP certification.

Possible job opportunities for the CISSP-certified include: IT Security Analysts, Security Architects, Security Engineers, Senior IT Security Consultants, Senior Information Security Assurance Consultants, and Security Systems Administrators.


How do I become a certified CISSP professional?

Becoming a certified CISSP Professional has never been more accessible than through the flexibility of online learning. Our CISSP Short Course provides you with all the training you need to pursue certification in the field.

Delivered by Simplilearn, you'll dive into all eight domains of CISSP - equipping you with all the knowledge areas required to become a bonafide CISSP expert. These include areas of security management, security architecture, security engineering, and security testing; helping you build the skills necessary to design and implement effective cyber security programs. At the same time, you'll have acquired the training to pursue and pass the CISSP certification exam.

Completing this short course can thus set you on your way to becoming a certified CISSP professional. Including a free voucher, along with a globally-recognised reputation, and up-to-date practices taught by industry veterans - you'll gain the expertise necessary to advance your career in cyber security.


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5 star

Lots of clear detailed emails on how to proceed with registering for the course. I appreciate the phone calls initially with Upskilled was fantastic when the staff member “help my hand” to walk me through all the steps needed in order to approve me for government funding and to sign documents in order for me to start receiving the course information.


5 star

I am very grateful to upskilled for assisting me to obtain the WHS CertIV. I've worked in WHS for many years so learning and developing my skills was great. Thank you to my trainer Keith for his time and also to the support crew who assisted with my extensions. I hope to utilise my skills further to assist my work and my collegues and to ultimately keep everyone safe.


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