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Data Science Course

This Data Scientist Bootcamp is delivered by Simplilearn in collaboration with IBM, providing you with industry-relevant experience to excel in your career as a data scientist.

Get hands-on experience with technologies such as R, Python, Machine Learning, Tableau, Hadoop, and Spark delivered through live interactive courses with expert practitioners, labs, and work on real-world projects.


Course delivered by Simplilearn.
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Delivery Mode
This Bootcamp Program includes live virtual classes + self paced learning
Real World Data Science Projects
Build actionable expertise working on real world projects from Amazon, Walmart, Mercedes Benz and more
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Gain immense working experience in exclusive hackathons, live masterclasses, and Ask-Me-Anything sessions led by IBM experts
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Experience world-class training curriculums designed with integrated practical labs and hands-on training

Course Summary

5-7 Months
Access For
12 months
5 courses
$1,399 incl. GST
Payment plans available

This Data Scientist course, delivered by Simplilearn in collaboration with IBM, accelerates your career in Data Science by providing you with real world training and skills in data science.

This online data science course offers extensive training on the most in-demand data science and machine learning skills with hands-on exposure to key tools and technologies including Python, R, Tableau, and concepts of machine learning. Be an expert in the field of data science by deep diving into all angles of data interpretation and master high-level technologies such as machine learning and programming skills.

With a program designed by IBM experts, students will have the opportunity to be part of an integrated blended learning approach involving live interaction masterclasses and practical projects setting them up to be job ready as a data scientist in the industry.

What you will learn

In this Data Scientist course, you will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of data structure and data manipulation
  • Understand and use linear and non-linear regression models and classification techniques for data analysis
  • Obtain an in-depth understanding of supervised and unsupervised learning models such as linear regression, logistic regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, K-NN, and pipeline
  • Perform scientific and technical computing using the SciPy package and its sub-packages such as Integrate, Optimise, Statistics, IO, and Weave
  • Gain expertise in mathematical computing using the NumPy and Scikit-Learn packages.
  • Master the concepts of recommendation engine and time series modeling and gain practical mastery over principles, algorithms, and applications of machine learning
  • Learn to analyse data using Tableau and become proficient in building interactive dashboards

Interpersonal skills you'll learn along the way:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Decision making
  • Strong communication Skills
  • Analytical thinking

Course Structure

Our online Data Scientist course is a highly comprehensive and extensive course that upon completion, showcases your rich understanding and industry-related training in the data science field. The applied knowledge and hands-on skills you will gain come from working on various simulations, real world projects, and case studies throughout this course. The course content is summarised below.

  • Course 1 - Programming Essentials

    Explore procedural and object-oriented programming, and the advantages of Python. Learn to install Python and set up its IDE, and master Jupyter Notebook. Understand Python basics like identifiers, indentation, and comments, along with data types, operators, and string functions. Study Python loops and variable scopes. Discover Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles, including methods, attributes, and access modifiers.

    - Lesson 1: Course Introduction
    - Lesson 2: Programming Basics
    - Lesson 3: Introduction to Python Programming
    - Lesson 4: Python Data Types and Operators
    - Lesson 5: Conditional Statements and Loops
    - Lesson 6: Python Functions
    - Lesson 7: OOP Concepts with Python
    - Lesson 08 - Threading
    Course delivery format: online learning + live virtual classes

  • Course 2 - SQL Certification Course

    The SQL Certification Course is ideal for those aiming to become SQL developers or data analysts and is perfect for improving database management expertise. This beginner-friendly course includes fundamental to advanced SQL topics. Participants will master data storage, retrieval, and manipulation using SQL.

    - Lesson 01: Course Introduction
    - Lesson 02: Introduction to SQL
    - Lesson 03: Database Normalization and Entity Relationship (ER) Model
    - Lesson 04: MySQL - Installation and Setup
    - Lesson 05: Working with Database and Tables
    - Lesson 06: Working with Operators, Constraints, and Data Types
    - Lesson 07: Functions in SQL
    - Lesson 08: Subqueries, Operators, and Derived Tables in SQL
    - Lesson 09: Windows Functions in SQL
    - Lesson 10: Working with Views
    - Lesson 11: Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL
    - Lesson 12: Performance Optimization and Best Practices in SQL
    Course delivery format: online learning + live virtual classes 

  • Course 3 - Python for Data Science

    Learn the fundamentals of object-oriented programming with Python for Data Science in this initial introductory short course in data science.
    Course delivery format: online learning only

  • Course 4 - Applied Data Science with Python

    Gain proficiency in Python tools and techniques essential for data analytics. Develop crucial skills needed for various data science roles through a comprehensive learning approach. Engage in blended learning to understand data analytics concepts thoroughly. Explore practical applications for hands-on experience. Advance your data science career with specialised training.

    - Lesson 01: Course Introduction
    - Lesson 02: Introduction to Data Science
    - Lesson 03: Essentials of Python Programming
    - Lesson 04: NumPy - Lesson 05: Linear Algebra
    - Lesson 06: Statistics Fundamentals
    - Lesson 07: Probability Distribution
    - Lesson 08: Advanced Statistics
    - Lesson 09: Pandas
    - Lesson 10: Data Analysis
    - Lesson 11: Data Wrangling
    - Lesson 12: Data Visualization
    - Lesson 13: End-to-End Statistics Application with Python
    - Free Course: Math Refresher
    - Free Course: Statistics Essential for Data Science
    Course delivery format: online learning + live virtual classes 

  • Course 5 - Machine Learning using Python

    Achieve career success with our extensive Machine Learning course, featuring over 40 hours of applied learning and interactive labs. Solidify your understanding with four hands-on projects and benefit from mentoring support throughout your learning journey. Master essential machine learning concepts for certification and acquire the skills necessary to become a successful machine learning engineer.
    - Lesson 01: Course Introduction
    - Lesson 02: Introduction to Machine Learning
    - Lesson 03: Supervised Learning
    - Lesson 04: Regression and Applications
    - Lesson 05: Classification and Applications
    - Lesson 06: Unsupervised Algorithms
    - Lesson 07: Ensemble Learning
    - Lesson 08: Recommender System
    - Free Course: Math Refresher
    - Free Course: Statistics Essential for Data Science 
    Course delivery format: online learning + live virtual classes

  • Course 6 - Tableau Training

    This Tableau certification course helps you master Tableau Desktop, a widely used data visualisation, reporting, and business intelligence tool. Advance your career in analytics with our Tableau training and gain job-ready skills. Tableau certification is highly regarded by companies for data-related roles, and our online course trains you to use the tool effectively for preparing data, creating interactive dashboards, adding different dimensions, and analysing outliers.
    - Lesson 01: Course Introduction
    - Lesson 02: Data Visualisation
    - Lesson 03: Introduction to Tableau
    - Lesson 04: Tableau: Workspace
    - Lesson 05: Types of Charts in Tableau
    - Lesson 06: Creating Charts
    - Lesson 07: Data Preparation
    - Lesson 08: Preparation Techniques
    - Lesson 09: Filters and Analytics in Tableau
    - Lesson 10: Dashboards in Tableau
    - Lesson 11: Stories in Tableau 
    Course delivery format: online learning + live virtual classes

  • Course 7 - Data Scientist Capstone

    Data Science Capstone project provides an opportunity to apply the skills learned throughout the Data Science course. Through dedicated mentoring sessions, you’ll tackle a real-world, industry-aligned Data Science problem, covering everything from data processing and model building to reporting business results and insights. This project serves as the final step in your Data Science training, enabling you to demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.
    Course delivery format: online learning + live virtual classes

Completion Certificate

You will gain individual certificates after completing each course

Optional electives

Optional electives are available as part of this Data Scientist course.
These are not mandatory to complete, but are available as additional courses to study if you are interested in expanding your knowledge and further implementing your skills.

  • Optional Elective 1 - R Programming for Data Science
  • Optional Elective 2 - Business Analytics with Excel
  • Optional Elective 3 - PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Certification Training
  • Optional Elective 4 - Essentials of Generative AI, Prompt Engineering & ChatGPT
  • Optional Elective 5 - PGP DS - Industry Masterclass by IBM

Tools covered

Who is this course for?

Professionals wishing to suceed in this online Data Scientist course should have:

  • Foundational understanding of data analytics
  • Basic knowledge of statistics
  • Basic understanding of any programming language

As a learner who completes this Data Scientist online course, you will have the skills to land your dream job. Careers that are ideal once you have trained include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Analytics Manager
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Statistical Programming Specialist

This Data Scientist online course is suitable for both newcomers and experienced professionals.

Aspiring professionals of any educational background with an analytical frame of mind are most suited to pursue the Data Science course including:

  • IT Professionals
  • Analytics Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Beginners or Recent Graduates in Bachelors or Master’s Degree

Payment Options

Option 1 - Pay upfront and save today

Discounted Upfront Price: $1,399 incl. GST
Save $851 when you pay upfront

RRP: $2,250 incl. GST

Option 2 - Upskilled Payment Plans

For Upskilled courses delivered by Simplilearn - we can arrange for you an interest-free, flexible and easy to manage monthly payment plan.

Speak to our Education Consultants to know more about our Flexible Payment Plans.
Call 1300 009 924 to find out more. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Course projects

This Data Scientist online certification training includes industry-relevant projects from various industries to help you master concepts of Data Science.

Some of the various projects you will be working on are highlighted below:

Build a user-based recommendation model for Amazon

Make an impact in E-commerce with Amazon. This exciting project will involve a rich dataset provided by Amazon customers containing movie reviews. Your challenge is to perform data analysis on the customer movie reviews dataset and build an algorithm using Machine Learning technology that offers each user's ratings.

Mercedes-Benz Greener Manufacturing

Reduce the time a Mercedes-Benz spends on the test bench. Work with a data set representing different permutations of features in a Mercedes-Benz car to predict the time it takes to pass testing. Optimal algorithms will contribute to faster testing, resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions without reducing Mercedes-Benz’s standards.

Retail analysis with Walmart

Optimise the retail business with Walmart. One of America's leading retail stores Walmart would like to predict sales data and demand accurately. The business is facing a challenge due to unforeseen needs and runs out of stock occasionally. It’s discovered that a machine learning algorithm is at the core of this issue. This project will involve building an ideal machine learning algorithm that will accurately predict demand and incorporate factors like economic conditions, including CPI, unemployment index, etc.

Build a data model to predict diabetic patients

Make a positive difference to people's lives on this project aligned with the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). You will work on real world data sets representing one of the most chronic and consequential diseases. Using the data given, you will be challenged to build a data model that accurately predicts patients with diabetes.

Career outcomes

The career pathway in data scientist is a promising one. Achieving a data science certification makes you eligible for many high-paying job roles in technology.

Looking to kickstart your career after completing the bootcamp? Some roles you can work in include:

Data scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, and Data Architect are the top career options you can explore with a background in data science.

Data Analyst

A data analyst collects, cleans, and interprets data sets in order to answer a question or solve a problem. They work in many industries, including business, finance, criminal justice, science, medicine, and government.

$95k AUD
Information Technology
Data Scientist

Data scientists examine which questions need answering and where to find the related data. They source, manage, analyse, clean, present and visualise large amounts of unstructured data to make business decisions. 

$125k AUD
Information Technology
Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers design and create the AI algorithms capable of learning and making predictions that define machine learning (ML). They work with larger data science team and will communicate with data scientists, administrators, data analysts, data engineers and data architects.

$114k AUD
Information Technology

Data Science Course course advisor

Ronald van Loon
Ronald van Loon

Top 10 Big Data and Data Science Influencer, Director - Adversitement

Named by Onalytica as one of the three most influential people in Big Data, Ronald is also an author of a number of leading Big Data and Data Science websites, including Datafloq, Data Science Central, and The Guardian. He also regularly speaks at renowned events in IoT, Big Data and Data Science.

Show off your achievements

Earn your Data Scientist Bootcamp Certification

Digital certificates are the new way for Upskilled and Simplilearn graduates to offer proof of their hard earned knowledge or skill set.

You will receive individual certificates after each short course. Additionally, upon completion of the entire bootcamp, you will earn a certificate demonstrating your competence and expertise as a data scientist professional.

Differentiate Yourself

Set yourself apart from the competition with the Data Scientist course certificate. This is your ticket to get your foot through the door and proof that you have applied data science knowledge and skills to real-world projects, simulations and case studies, making you job ready.

Share your achievement

You worked for it, you earned it! Share your achievement loud and proud! Talk about your Data Scientist online course certification on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Add it to your CV to stand out and showcase to your employers.


What is the difference between an Online Bootcamp and Short Course?

An Online Bootcamp is an intensive and accelerated learning program made up of a collection of self-paced eLearning components and live online classes that students are required to attend.
The Online Bootcamp program curriculum contain a combination of specifically chosen courses and career-critical skills that are aligned to a job role.

A Short Course on the other hand are shorter courses that is designed to target developing a specific skillset or topic. They generally are much quicker to complete than bootcamps.


Is Data Science a profitable career field?

Professionals with Data Science expertise are constantly growing in demand and has very good career opportunities for advancement and growth. Careers in the data science field have lucrative salaries.


How quickly can I get certified through Data Science courses online?

With a consistent learning schedule and constant study hours, you can get through the course in about 5-7 months.


What are the requirements needed to qualify for a data science course online?

Professionals wishing to qualify in this Data Scientist online course should have:

  • Foundational understanding of data analytics
  • Basic knowledge of statisitcs
  • Basic understanding of any programming language


Can I still enrol in online Data Science courses if I don't have a related degree?

Data science students come from a diverse range of backgrounds. From seasoned professionals to non-data or non-technical background, the Data Scientist bootcamp is open to everyone of any background, whether they hold a related degree or not.

Examples of students who study the Data Science Bootcamp have transitioned into data science from the following backgrounds:

  • Software Engineering
  • Finance
  • User Experience
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Psychologist
  • HR
  • Design
  • A new comer with no relevant or technical background


How is data science bootcamp relevant today?

Data Scientists are high in demand and are ranked among the top fields in Linkedin's Job Reports for the last three years and running. According to the latest information, data scientist roles are growing annually at 37%.

As such, Data Science Bootcamps are increasingly valued due to their emphasis on a hands-on focused and immersive approach. These days many organisations value skills that are job ready and demonstratable, and Bootcamps are an appraised path to achieve this practical experience.


Will I earn a certificate?

Yes, upon completing the course program and projects, you will gain a Data Scientist certification as a demonstration of your applied practical skills and knowledge, which you can showcase in your CV.


How do I enrol in the Data Scientist Bootcamp?

To enrol in this Data Scientist Bootcamp, you'll need to first submit an enquiry form via our website. You'll need to provide the following details:

  • Your Name
  • Best Phone Number
  • Email Address

Once you've submitted your online form, one of our education consultants will be in touch within 48 hours.

During the consultation, you'll be able to ask questions regarding payment options, learning content and what career outcomes you can pursue if you complete your studies.


What kind of jobs can I pursue upon completing the bootcamp?

There are various roles a Data Scientist student can work in upon completion of the bootcamp. This includes: Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Architects, Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers.


What payment options are available?

Enrol immediately and pay full price upfront at $1999 or pay in split payments. Find out more about other flexible payment plans and get in touch with one of our Education Consultants today


How do I become a Data Scientist?

There are various ways to become a Data Scientist. One of the renowned ways to enter the field of data as a data analyst is through immersive learning such as bootcamps.

The Data Scientist Bootcamp co-developed with IBM provides you with an in-depth understanding into world of Data Science, concepts, tools and methodologies.

Designed with a unique interactive environment, the Data Science Bootcamp will set you up for success as a data scientist and excel in your career. You will sharpen your ability to master high level technologies such as R, Python, Machine Learning techniques, data reprocessing, regression, clustering, data analytics with SAS, data visualization with Tableau, and an overview of the Hadoop ecosystem. Upon completion you will earn an industry-recognized certificate partnered with IBM that will strongly portray your new skills and on-the-job expertise as a Data Scientist.


What is the role of a data scientist?

Data Scientists are specialised IT professionals who are well versed in understanding large volumes of information data. They utilise advance modern technologies and tools to discover unique patterns in data, identify any hidden trends and derive valuable information to aid in better decision-making. As organisations collect large amounts of data, they implement various data science concepts and algorithms to build predictive data models. If you're interested in the world of Big Data, the Data Scientist Bootcamp can help you learn all and apply all of these concepts from scratch.


What's the difference between a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst?

Data Scientist figures out which questions need answers, and then comes up with different approaches to try and solve the problem.

Data Analyst  collects, cleans, and interprets data sets, uncovering trends in order to answer a given question or solve a problem for a business. 

For more information about the differences between these two careers including responsibilities, skills and salaries, read more here.


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