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Facebook Ads Course

We are proud to partner with Social Media College and their award-winning and innovative online learning content - designed to ensure Upskilled students gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to establish successful careers in social media.

The Facebook Marketing Short Course created by Social Media College will help you boost your skills and learn effective ways to promote on the channel, whether you're a freelancer, business owner or agency.
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Social Media College


Connect and build an online community on Facebook!

In just 20 hours, you'll have a unique skill set that can help you plan and execute Facebook Marketing strategies.


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Being one of the most popular social mediums, Facebook has become an integral channel for those with a business looking to target specific audiences to generate increased revenue. 

If you're looking to boost your skills and learn effective ways to promote on the channel, the Facebook Marketing short course created by Social Media College has been designed to help increase opportunities where you can connect and build an online community, either as a freelancer, business owner or agency.

Why should you do this course? 

  • Boost your sales and number of customers on Facebook
  • Increase and maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Create opportunities where you can expand and reach a wider audience
  • Jonathan Tanner, the CEO and Co-Founder of Social Media College will be your instructor. He has spent over 15 years working with over 50 businesses in helping them use social media to boost their revenue. Jonathan has worked with a wide range of startups and companies, and has a strong passion for social media marketing. 

What will you learn? 

  • Create engaging and impactful Facebook strategies
  • Develop your understanding and use of Facebook Ads
  • Target and segment specific audiences
  • Boost community engagement across online audiences
  • Create new sales opportunities through Facebook marketing

Who is this course for?

  • Business owners or freelancers looking create new opportunities and boost their online presence across Facebook. 
  • Agencies wanting to improve their revenue streams and nurture their Facebook channel.
  • Social media influencers who want to learn how to monetise content and collaborate with businesses to grow their following count on Facebook. 
  • Marketing professionals who want to further their knowledge and find ways to increase their ROI for existing clients. This course can also help them advance their skills in campaign management as well as review and analyse data to target prospective customers on Facebook. 
The Facebook Marketing short course will have you learn to target a wider audience, as well as maximise your return of investment no matter the budget. 

This course will also equip you with the skills needed to be a pro at Facebook Marketing, helping you create campaign objectives that help boost sales and connect with prospective customers.

In just 20 hours, you'll have a unique skill set that can help you plan and execute Facebook Marketing strategies that allow your channel to reach new heights for your business or agency.
Course structure

The duration of this course is up to 20 hours, comprising 10 modules.

As part of your studies, you'll receive one-on-one mentor support and have full access to the course for up to 6 months through Social Media College. You'll also be able to join an exclusive Facebook group where you can connect and collaborate with other social media marketers.

All activities in the Facebook Marketing course has been designed so that you can completely tailor it to your own business needs and industry.

If you successfully complete this course, you'll be able to:

  • Develop structured and engaging campaigns that increase likes
  • Identify and target optimal customer segments for improved ROI
  • Understand how to setup and implement campaigns that work
  • Learn how to analyse the results of paid-for campaigns
  • Implement tracking and retargeting functions to maximize budgets
  • Access tools, tips and techniques to create killer ads
  • Establish a trusted presence and following on Facebook

Course Detail

If you're looking to increase your sales conversions and connecting with more prospective customers, the Facebook Marketing short course is perfect in teaching you the skills to create effective campaigns that produce successful outcomes.

This course is suitable for freelancers or those already in social media specialist roles looking to add their creative flair on Facebook, which can lead to increased revenue and community engagement. As of 2020, there are 1.7 billion active Facebook users, making it a no-brainer for business-minded individuals to have an active and continuing presence on the channel.

The T&Cs of your purchase is governed by Social Media College policies, which can be found here.

Course Structure

To satisfy the requirements of this course, you'll need to complete the following modules

  • Module #1
    Introduction to Facebook Marketing

    Describe Facebook usage rates and list features of key advertising platforms on Facebook.

  • Module #2
    The Facebook Ads Landscape

    Understand how the Facebook Algorithm works and benefits of advertising on Facebook

  • Module #3
    Facebook Marketing Strategy

    Describe buyer stages and Facebook Ads Structure

  • Module #4
    Facebook Campaigns

    Create a new campaign and content for your strategy

  • Module #5
    Facebook Ad Sets

    Identify and target your ideal customer segment through paid ads.

  • Module #6
    Facebook Ad Structure

    Produce creative content that aligns with audience interests.

  • Module #7
    Community Management

    Create an engaged following who act as brand ambassadors.

  • Module #8
    Tracking and Retargeting

    Maximise your marketing budget with targeted follow-up ads.

  • Module #9
    Measurement and Reporting

    Measure results and adjust your strategies to increase effective use of Facebook.

Completion Certificate

Entry requirements

Start date

Upskilled always want to ensure that our students are enrolled in the right course for them.

These entry requirements are here as a guide and it's always best to talk to one of our Education Consultants if you have any questions, as they're trained to ensure that you're enrolled in a course that aligns with your career goals.

As a guide, entrants to this program may be best suited for students who have:

  • Sucessfully completed year 10 or above school level (or equivalent)
  • Own a business or work as an in-house consultant providing social media marketing services

*Additional eligibility criteria may be applicable and affected by other factors and personal circumstances. Please speak with our Education Consultants to confirm your eligibility for this course.


What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is compiling strategies that will help expand your reach for both paid and organic opportunities. Being one of the major social media platforms that marketers use to promote their products and services, it's become important to understand how the platform works and the features it has available to run your campaigns. 

Whether you're a freelancer or business owner looking to scale your opportunities on Facebook, being familiar with the platform and utilising its features to maximise your reach can help you generate revenue and increase awareness of your brand.

What are the benefits of enrolling in a Short Course in Facebook Marketing?

If you're looking to sharpen your skills in Facebook Marketing, this is the perfect time to consider enrolling in a Short Course in Facebook Marketing. This is an ideal learning opportunity for busy professionals looking to upskill and execute social media campaigns across Facebook, ensuring that their marketing efforts are up to scratch. 

Furthermore, this course is delivered online, so it can help you balance both work and personal priorities. It also has a completion time of 20 hours, and you'll have unlimited access to the course for six months should you need to refer back to the resources you need to do Facebook Marketing well. 

If you have the desire to increase your revenue through Facebook, then look no further and enrol in a Short Course in Facebook Marketing today! 

How to enrol in a Short Course in Facebook Marketing?

To enrol in a Short Course in Facebook Marketing, you simply need to select 'Enrol Now' on the course page. From there, a form should pop up asking you to fill in some of your personal details and payment information. Once you fill and submit the form, you should be able to gain login details for access to your course within one working day.

What is the value of a Facebook ads course for a business owner?

With Facebook's potential reach sitting at over 2 billion people, the ability to leverage their marketing tools can do wonders for anyone looking to grow their business. Entrepreneurs, marketers, and business managers can thus greatly benefit from a course in Facebook ads - helping them build the skills required to better target, engage, and convert customers through one of the world's leading social media platforms.

Upskilled's short course in Facebook Marketing aims to do just this, providing students with a comprehensive breakdown of the tools and strategies to help best optimise their Ads feature. You'll build practical, work-ready skills creating campaigns, engaging content, and effective ad sets - as well as the expertise to successfully manage a Facebook following; track and analyse your campaign performance; and have the algorithm best work in your favour.

By the end of the course, you'll have the built the skills to effectively grow your audience online, whether you're an independent freelancer, part of a marketing agency, a social media influencer, or a business owner looking to expand their company.

Am I still eligible for a Facebook marketing course even if I am not a business owner?

Though this course is best suited to business owners or current social media specialists, those in other roles or industries are still welcome to apply. (To clarify any additional eligibility requirements, however, it is best recommended to speak with one of our Education Consultants for further information.)

Can a Facebook marketing course be applied to other career fields?

Marketing skills - particularly those for our increasingly digital landscape - are highly transferrable across most, if not all, career fields. Whether you're currently a business owner, freelancer, or social media professional; or simply curious of the marketing tools Facebook has to offer, this course can be highly beneficial for any career path.

Online audience engagement has become an ever-essential staple for companies across the globe, and the skills to optimise this through a world-leading social media platform is bound to make you indispensable. 

Of course, this program will be best suited for those already within the business or marketing field. These include:
  • Social media influencers
  • Business owners or managers
  • Digital marketers
  • General marketing professionals
  • Social media marketers 
  • Content marketers

What are the advantages of taking a Facebook marketing course online?

On top of building an in-depth, industry-recognised expertise of Facebook's marketing tools, an online course can also provide you with a flexible learning experience best tailored to your needs. 

Our online Facebook Marketing course, for example, grants you the freedom of training at a time, place, and pace that suits you best - with materials and content accessible from anywhere, 24/7.

This is especially convenient for those currently employed or juggling other family-related or personal commitments. Through an online training program, you're able to build the skills you need, and on your own terms. 

Are Facebook ad courses necessary for online marketers?

The importance of Facebook Ads training will depend on the requirements of your online marketing role. If your business relies on Facebook's audience reach, then expertise in Facebook Marketing would be critical. 

However, this skillset can be used as handy marketing knowledge regardless. With Facebook having one of the internet's leading advertising platforms, knowing how to effectively leverage this can bolster your credibility as a marketing professional

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Want to know all about this course? Get our course brochure to discover what it's like to study . Submit your details and simply click 'Download'.

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