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Short Course in LinkedIn Marketing

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Build authority and engagement with your followers!

In just 20 hours, you could become an expert planning and executing strategies on LinkedIn.

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The LinkedIn Marketing short course created by Social Media College will have you tap into the professional network, creating social media campaigns that work - helping you connect with prospective customers and create B2B sales opportunities for your business.

LinkedIn Marketing is all about raising brand awareness and building rapport with community members, so this short course can help you develop the skills needed to make your content marketing efforts work and create impact.

Why should you do this course? 

  • Learn how to create strategies that help develop personal and brand awareness
  • Maximise your lead generation opportunities on LinkedIn
  • Build your skills on LinkedIn Marketing and be an expert in the social media marketing space
  • Nathanial Bibby will be your instructor for this course. He is one of the world's leading LinkedIn marketers and social media strategists, and is known for his work as Managing Director of Bibby Consulting Group, Founder of LinkedInsider and creator and host of the weekly series, LinkedIn Heroes

What will you learn? 

  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile that stands out
  • Build audience engagement and authority through organic and paid content
  • Identify key connections on LinkedIn to maximise B2B conversion
  • Find ways to generate new sales opportunities 

Who is this course for?

  • Marketing professionals looking to create a professional and lasting presence on LinkedIn and wanting to identify new business opportunities.
  • Business owners needing to develop new lead generation techniques and increase conversation rate of enquiries.
  • Sales professionals who need help to build a network of prospects to generate revenue on LinkedIn. 
  • Students & Job Seekers looking to polish their online presence on LinkedIn to help expand their job opportunities.
The LinkedIn Marketing short course will help you execute social media campaigns on the platform, helping you build authority and engagement with your followers and increasing opportunities for B2B sales.

In just 20 hours, you could become an expert planning and executing strategies on LinkedIn Marketing, making your content marketing opportunities on the platform count.


Up to 20 hours
9 Modules

The LinkedIn Marketing short course will equip you with the skills needed to plan and execute social media campaigns across the professional network. This means you get the opportunity to expand to B2B prospects, as well as create organic and paid content that can improve personal and brand awareness for your business.

Whether you're an in-house social media specialist or a business owner, LinkedIn is known to be the chosen platform to make your B2B marketing efforts worth it. You'll be well-equipped to build, connect and establish professional connections and engagement through your content on the channel.

The T&Cs of your purchase is governed by Social Media College policies, which can be found here.

Course structure

The duration of this course is up to 20 hours, comprising 9 modules.

As part of your studies, you'll receive one-on-one mentor support and have full access to the course for up to 6 months through Social Media College. You'll also be able to join an exclusive Facebook group where you can connect and collaborate with other social media marketers.

All activities in the LinkedIn Marketing course has been designed so that you can completely tailor it to your own business needs and industry.

If you successfully complete this course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the key to LinkedIn profiles that attracts views
  • Utilise your profile as a way to engage prospective customers
  • Create and execute a LinkedIn content strategy
  • Build your authority and reputation to increase trust
  • Identify new clients and new business opportunities
  • Get discovered through organic LinkedIn searches
  • Access tools and templates to maximise efficiency
  • Establish business pages that attract engaged audiences
  • Develop a network of ambassadors who promote your services


To satisfy the requirements of this course, you'll need to complete the following modules

Module #1
An Introduction to LinkedIn Strategy

Understand the value and opportunities LinkedIn can offer.

Module #2
The LinkedIn Landscape

Learn why LinkedIn isn’t like other social media platforms & why this is important.

Module #3
Creating Great Content

Understand what people using LinkedIn are looking for - and how to create it.

Module #4
Develop a Professional Profile

Construct an authoritative personal profile that attracts the right audience.

Module #5
Using Your Profile Effectively

Take your profile to the next level & turn it into your greatest marketing asset.

Module #6
Marketing Through Company Pages

Develop a strategy for your business or personal brand that builds reach, awareness & sales.

Module #7
LinkedIn Paid Advertising

Learn how to promote campaigns that create new business opportunities.

Module #8
Community Management

Engage a network of professionals who promote the products/services you offer.

Module #9
Understanding LinkedIn Analytics

Measure results & adjust your strategies to increase effective use of LinkedIn.

Entry requirements

Start date
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Upskilled always want to ensure that our students are enrolled in the right course for them.

These entry requirements are here as a guide and it's always best to talk to one of our Education Consultants if you have any questions, as they're trained to ensure that you're enrolled in a course that aligns with your career goals.

As a guide, entrants to this program may be best suited for students who have:
  • Sucessfully completed year 10 or above school level (or equivalent)
  • Own a business or work as an in-house consultant providing social media marketing services

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