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Australian Apprenticeships Centres are contracted by the Australian Government to deliver Australian Apprenticeships Support Services at no cost to employers or Australian Apprentices.

The objective of the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program is to develop a more skilled Australian workforce, one that is able to deliver long-term benefits to the nation and ensure our international competitiveness. This is achieved through encouraging employers to create opportunities for the skills-based training of employees, via provision by the Australian Government of financial incentives to businesses that employ and train an apprentice or trainee.

Upskilled is in collaboration with a number of Australian Apprenticeship Centres, including Mission Australia and MEGT. This serves to guarantee a quick turn-around on eligibility checks. Outside of this, Upskilled is able to provide an introduction to your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre and assist as required.

How do Australian apprenticeships and traineeships work?

Under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, employers of eligible Australian Apprentices at Certificate III, IV, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma level may attract a completion incentive of $3,000. Employers of eligible Australian Apprentices at Certificate II level may attract a commencement incentive of $1,250, where the Australian Apprentice is in a nominated equity group.

What support services do they include?

  1. Providing information and assistance to employers, Australian apprentices, and other interested people.
  2. Marketing and promoting Australian apprenticeships.
  3. Administering Australian government incentive payments to employers and allowances to Australian apprentices.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the employer?

The roles of the employer are laid out as:
  • to provide access to a full range of facilities/tools/work and other staff to complete the traineeship requirements
  • to provide the trainee with worker's compensation insurance coverage
  • to ensure OH&S regulations are applied to the trainee
  • to provide annual and other leave entitlements
  • to provide superannuation in accordance with relevant legislation or award or workplace agreements
  • to endorse the training plan/record with the RTO and trainee
  • to ensure trainees are allocated paid time to attend or complete training activities provided by the RTO
  • to monitor the trainee's progress at work
  • to ask for progress reports from the trainee at least monthly and view the training plan/record or USP
  • to liaise with the RTO regarding the trainee's participation and attendance in formal training
  • to discharge obligations as specified in the training contract
  • to liaise with AAC regarding any changes of circumstance with the trainee or the workplace
  • to confirm workplace competency with the RTO as required
  • to read the student information pack which outlines the conditions and policies of the training provided by Upskilled
  • if the trainee is under 18 a parent or guardian must co-sign the training contract
  • to provide a supportive communication mechanism for trainees
  • to provide mentoring support in the workplace for trainees

Where can I get more information?

For more information on the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, please visit or call the Australian Apprenticeships Referral Line on 13 38 73.

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