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In order to access this funding, you will need to meet the requirements below:

  • work in the NT, AND
  • be at least 15 years-of-age , AND
  • be an:
    • Australian citizen
    • Permanent resident
    • NZ passport holder who has been a resident in Australia for more than 6 months, or
    • a person who holds a visa that is identified as being eligible,  AND
  • receive remuneration for their work, AND
  • complete a minimum of 15 hours combined work and training per week (employment and training hours may be averaged over 4 weeks for non- school based training contracts), AND
  • undertake an approved Australian Apprenticeship qualification with an approved RTO, as listed on the NT Qualifications Register; AND
  • have the required supervision in the workplace for an Australian Apprentice. 

Participants are required to have employers who have the capacity to support structured training in the proposed qualification.

New Worker vs Existing Worker

To be eligible for User Choice funding, you must belong to one of the following categories prior to commencing the contract:

  1. New Worker - Employed less than three months full-time or 12 months part-time
  2. Existing Worker - Employed as a permanent or casual employee for more than 3 months full-time or 12 months part-time
Upskilled strives to ensure our website contains the most up-to-date information at all times. However, due to the limited and rapidly shifting nature of government funding availability, a course listed as qualifying for funding on our website may not have funded places available at the time of your enquiry. Upskilled cannot guarantee the availability of government funding for any course.

If the course you are interested in is not listed on our website, please contact us to discuss our other payment options.


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