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Student Q&A: Abeer Botros

Business Faculty Student - Social Media Marketing

Abeer Botros completed the a qualification in social media with Upskilled. Working at a cosmetic surgeon practice, part of her role is to manage the social channels to help promote the work that they do. Abeer wanted to study a relevant qualification because she had a strong desire to strengthen her skillset and found it beneficial that she was able to explore other facets of marketing.

In this Q&A, Abeer shares what skills and knowledge she's developed from the course, the benefits of studying online and what long-term and short-term goals she has planned for the future. 

Why did you decide to study social media marketing?

I work at a cosmetic surgeon practice and part of my job is to use their social media platforms (FB, Instagram, etc) for marketing purposes and to promote our cosmetic surgeon work. 

I thought studying social media marketing would help improve my skills in this area and make use of the correct channels, following a plan for better promotion and success by targeting the correct audience to increase our sales figures. 

Also, studying this diploma was very beneficial as it gave me the chance to explore other areas of marketing - not only social media but also marketing research and marketing mix, marketing effectiveness, etc.

What skills and knowledge have you developed since completing the course? 

I have a better understanding of how to effectively use different social media channels and choosing the ones that are most suited to my business. I also know how to:
  • Target the right audience
  • Follow accurate marketing strategies and develop a business plan
  • Monitor and evaluate my work
  • Reporting the weak and strong areas of the business
  • SEO performance

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How will this qualification help you when it comes to looking for work in the social media 

I feel more confident when applying for social media manager/specialist or strategist roles. Since studying social media, it has made me understand the details of working with networks, recognise the nature of each segment, write up a plan and then execute it for a professional and accurate outcome. 

How did your trainer support you throughout the course? 

I was lucky - I had the best trainer ever. She was very dedicated to her students, regardless of sickness or any other circumstances. She was always on time and there for me. She also regularly followed up, which was really unexpected and great. 

In addition to this, she was flexible and understanding. She was always motivating and provided encouraging feedback upon finishing an assessment. However, she was also quite firm when the work submitted was not up to standard. 

What would you say are the benefits of studying online? 

  • You save time if you're a busy professional
  • You can study during the mornings, nights or weekends (very convenient)
  • No need for physical attendance
  • You can be independent in learning things online and doing more research
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What do you find exciting about social media marketing? 

The ability to be quick to respond when it comes to the interactions with people and providing them with marketing materials about the products and services of a business. You are also quick to find outcomes of a social media campaign. 

Now that you've completed the course, what short and long-term goals do you plan on 

I want to apply the knowledge from my studies at the business I work at and put into practice what I've learnt. 

For the long-term goals, I want to work towards securing a social media manager position and gain more experience in the field. This can help me be my own social media consultant as a private business. I'd also like to study other related courses that may help me improve and achieve success as a professional. 

Upskill in social media marketing 

Whether you're a professional looking to make your mark in social media marketing or simply have a curiosity for digital marketing, studying a qualification in social media can help equip you with the relevant skills and knowledge to succeed in the field. Get in touch with the Upskilled team on 1300 009 924 and enquire about the course today! 

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