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Student Q&A: Charles Frank

Community Services Faculty Student - Case Management

For Charles Frank, making the switch from IT to community services came naturally because he was drawn to helping those in the vulnerable community. Studying the community services in case management with Upskilled helped him develop the skills needed to work in roles that specialised in Case Management and he felt that the qualification gave him the knowledge and confidence to work efficiently as a professional.

In this Q&A, Charles provides insight on how studying online benefited him, his role as a case manager and further advice to students who are considering studying a qualification in case management. 

Why did you decide to study Case Management?

During my working life, I have managed many projects, which involved forward planning, case/client management and the coordination of services in order to derive a planned outcome. 

I've always had empathy for the disadvantaged and understood the importance of helping people by making relevant information available to empower and improve their lives, so completing a Case Management qualification seemed like the next natural progression.

You originally worked in community services but then made the switch to IT. How did you make the decision of returning back to the industry?

I completed the a website development qualification in 2016 and started to apply for positions. When I was applying for work, I felt that the sector was looking for a younger demographic. I managed to get a full-time sales position in an unrelated field that was 50% hands-on. However. given my age, I knew it wouldn't see me through to retirement, so I undertook the community services qualification whilst working full-time. 

My workplace closed down over Christmas, so I completed my Voluntary Work Placement in a full-time capacity over the Christmas break, where I shadowed Case Managers during interviews with those experiencing hardship or crisis so they could access the Salvation Army Doorways program. 

Once I graduated, I started applying for Case Management roles and it was a steep learning curve in preparation for interviews as each organisation had different processes, guidelines and relevant legislation that surrounded those positions. I managed to obtain a position as a part-time Case Manager specialising in Home Care Packages for the elderly. helping hand concept

How are you finding your role as case manager? 

I'm really enjoying my role. The only drawback is that I work a five-day fortnight, so before I can start my day, there is normally a backlog of emails I need to deal with whilst starting the new tasks of the day. So, you need to have good time management skills in order to schedule services, make referrals, follow-up phone calls/emails, schedule rostered items and expenses, complete assessments, case plans, emergency plans and then write up case notes. 

Since completing the qualification, do you feel more confident in your skills and knowledge about the industry?

Yes, most definitely. The qualification gives you the knowledge and confidence to make a start and enable you to shadow your seniors within an organisation and gain the day-to-day experience that will create a solid foundation for you to build your career upon.

What aspects of the course did you enjoy?

I liked that fact that Upskilled provided the course within a shorter time-frame than some of the other Nationally Recognised Training Organisations, which was an ideal timeline for me. It was available predominately online, which gave me the flexibility to work on it with my full-time position that I had at the time, so I could work on my diploma a couple of hours each evening during the week and then spend a full day towards my study over the weekend. professional woman shaking hands with elderly couple

What do you think are the benefits of studying online?

Studying online gives you the flexibility to work whilst you study. However, you need to remain consistent in order to keep up with your assessments. I can remember vividly during the summer time, I was working full-time during the week and on the weekend, I'd be completing my course, staring at a hot computer screen during a beautiful 30+ degree day and all I wanted to do was go to the beach. The reality is that you have to sacrifice a lot in order to get through and graduate.

What advice can you offer people who are thinking about studying case management? 

The advice I would give to someone thinking about studying Case Management is that you really need to be committed. You need to develop a consistent approach to the time that you spend studying. 

Case Management consists of screening clients, assessing, risk analysis, planning, implementation, coordinating care, follow up, transitioning clients into care, following up post-transition and evaluation. 

The process gives you a full understanding of ensuring that the immediate needs of clients are met whilst communicating with multiple services providers.

Develop your skills in case management with Upskilled 

If you're looking for an online qualification that can help you prepare for work as a case manager, consider studying a qualification in Case Management with Upskilled.

This course can help you develop key compentencies in case management, teaching you subjects such as managing legal and ethical compliance, managing work health and safety, providing case management supervision and more.

To express interest in this course, get in touch with Upskilled's education consultants on 1300 009 924 to learn more. 

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