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Student Q&A: Dominic O'Connor

Business Faculty Student - Customer Engagement

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Although he had years of experience in the customer service industry, Dominic O'Connor took the plunge and decided to study the BSB40315 - Certificate IV in Customer Engagement as a way to improve his current skill set while also gaining a better understanding of customer engagement and how it impacts the workplace.

In this Q&A, he shares more about what aspects of the course he enjoyed and the most important skills people wanting to work in customer service should ideally have.

Could you tell us why you chose to study the BSB40315 - Certificate IV in Customer Engagement?

I chose to study the BSB40315 - Certificate IV in Customer Engagement because of the work I do in the Visitor Experience and Customer Service industry. I have worked in this field for many years and formalising my work skills seemed like the natural thing to do. 

I found the certificate to be the “best fit” for my skills and the industry. It was also an opportunity to improve my knowledge and job prospects.

Could you give us a brief description of your current role and how this course has helped you?

I work in a fast-paced, high-profile workplace. My team and I can interact with hundreds of people each day. The course has helped develop my current skills to a higher level and to explore new ideas and work practices. Studying also helped me focus on my ideas and use the modules in the course to improve my communication and thinking skills. customer contact concept

What skills have you gained from completing the Certificate IV?

I had not studied for a few years prior to undertaking the BSB40315 - Certificate IV in Customer Engagement.. I was pleasantly surprised to find it challenging enough to improve my strategic thinking, communication and time management skills. 

How did you balance work with online study?

I found the online delivery to be very easy-to-understand and enabled me to balance work and family time. I was able to study in hour blocks or so every day and study at home or from the workplace.

For me, starting an online course was a challenge as I was more of a face-to-face person when it comes to study. However, with a little organisation, a specific place to study and a clear timetable to complete units, it worked out really well.

What aspects of the course did you enjoy and why?

I enjoyed all the modules. The most enjoyable aspect of the course was being able to work at my own pace. This allowed me to balance work, home and study.

What do you believe are important skills to have when working in customer service roles?

I believe the most important skills are:
  • Exceptional communication.
  • Service-orientated outlook. 
  • Understanding time management.
  • Looking at customer engagement as a profession.  
Approaching a role in customer engagement in the same professional manner changes your perspective and motivates you to maintain your knowledge and skills.
customer contact concept

Since completing the course, what other benefits can future students find when undertaking the Customer Engagement course? 

I would recommend the course not only as a way of developing current skills, but to also gain a better understanding of the needs and practices of your workplace regarding customer engagement. One of the connected benefits of this course was an ability to look at all aspects of the customer engagement process in my organisation. 

I used the learnings to improve training packages for my staff and to critically examine and develop new relationships within the organisation and with external clients. I found the course to be a great experience and enabled me to improve my work opportunities.

Want to improve your communication skills like Dominic?

If you're currently in a customer-facing role and want to develop the skills you already possess to help improve your job performance, Upskilled's BSB40315 - Certificate IV in Customer Engagement may be a suitable course for you.

The course is delivered online and can be completed within 12 months and you will undertake relevant units such as develop teams and individuals and address customer needs. Check out the other sales and customer contact courses on offer here

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