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Student Q&A: Edwin Kosgey

Community Services Faculty Student - Statutory & Forensic Child, Youth & Family Welfare

Editor's note: Upskilled no longer offers the course in Statutory & Forensic Child, Youth & Family Welfare. Check out the range of community services courses we have available across mental health, case management and counselling. Please contact our team on 1300 009 924 to make a course enquiry. 

Edwin Kosgey completed the CHC52015 - Diploma of Community Services (Statutory & Forensic Child, Youth & Family Welfare) with Upskilled. Already working in the community services industry, he had the intention of upskilling because he wanted to keep up with the trends of the sector and maintain his credentials, making his application competitive should he decide to apply for future job roles.

In this Q&A, Edwin shares the skills and knowledge he's developed from the course, his experience with work placement and the personality traits you need to work in community services. 

What was your motivation in studying the CHC52015 - Diploma of Community Services (Statutory & Forensic Child, Youth & Family Welfare)?

I applied for the course with the intention of upskilling my work credentials and gaining new information about the community services industry. Also, another motivating factor was to build my resume and be competitive, which is ever changing particularly with the new roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Prior to studying this course, you also completed qualifications in HR and Individual Support. How has this course helped you professionally?

I currently work as Disability Services Manager in the remote areas of Derby and Fitzroy Crossing. The course has been a tremendous addition to my everyday engagement with support staff, families, other external stakeholders and my current manager. 

Particularly in how to solve and implement programs, participate in the risk management forums of the organisation, provide quality reporting to the funder, as well as our internal reporting programs, which is vital in how our participants are funded in their respective NDIS plans. family concept

What skills and knowledge have you developed from your studies? 

I gained a lot of information, knowledge and skills during the course of my study, such as: 
  • Service delivery and intake processes
  • Occupational Health and safety standards
  • Community communication programs
  • Case management processes
  • How to assess and manage legal and ethical compliance
  • How to monitor client development status who we support and advocate to the various funding bodies
  • Working collaboratively to maintain a safe environment for children and young people

What level of support did you receive from your trainer?

My trainer Ronnie Clark was quite substantial and responsive to my questions, queries and follow ups during my studies. At times, it was a bit challenging to get in contact with him as I'm a full-time employee and factoring in the different time zones, I was not always in match with his availability. However, Ronnie was approachable and would sometimes contact me during the weekend, which was appreciated. 

How was your experience with work placement?

My work experience was great even though it happened during the COVID-19 restrictions. Overall, I was able to gain a lot of work experience with young clients and in a family setting. I was also able to engage with different children and connect with groups and family forums. young woman adult speaking to professional

Why did you choose to study with Upskilled?

A former colleague made the recommendation of studying with Upskilled. She mentioned that the content of the course was informative and a great addition to one's resume and academic progression. Also, it's reflective to the current community services industry. 

What personality traits should a person have if they're interested in working in this particular field? 

  • Passionate
  • Responsive to a client's needs
  • Flexible
  • Approachable
  • A great understanding about people's culture, especially when working with Indigenous Australians

Are you ready to upskill in community services?

If you're interested in working with at risk children and young people, consider studying the CHC52015 - Diploma of Community Services (Statutory & Forensic Child, Youth & Family Welfare) with Upskilled.

This course runs for a duration of 12 months and has a work placement component, giving you the opportunity to develop valuable skills that can prepare you for job roles like Family Support Worker in the community services sector.

Get in touch with one of our education consultants on 1300 009 924 to enquire about the course today! 

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