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Student Q&A: Katelyn Accetta

Business Faculty Student - Salon Management

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Katelyn Acceta is currently studying the SHB2016 - Diploma of Salon Management with Upskilled and is halfway into her studies. From a young age, she always wanted to work in the beauty industry. She dabbled into both hairdressing and makeup artistry and is now running her own business, providing beauty services to her clients.

Katelyn felt it was a natural progression for her to study the managerial side of the industry as a way to help enhance her current skillset that could potentially boost the reputation of her business.

In this Q&A, she shares how she found her feet in the beauty industry, the benefits of online studying and the goals she has in mind once she successfully completes the course. 

Why did you decide to study the SHB50216 - Diploma of Salon Management?

I decided to study the SHB50216 - Diploma of Salon Management to further my career already in beauty therapy and makeup artistry. I studied makeup and beauty therapy for 5-6 years, completed my diploma qualifications, worked in the field for 2-3 years and then opened my own freelancing/mobile business. 

I decided to further my knowledge in management, as I was doing it alone as a sole trader, and wanted to better my business for myself, clients and staff. I also wanted to further my studies in the industry.

You have a range of qualifications in the beauty industry such as makeup and skincare, hairdressing, etc. You seem passionate about the industry. What initially sparked your interest in the field? 

I initially wanted to be a hairdresser growing up. I was surrounded by family members (aunties, cousins, etc) that were hairdressers and in a young girl's eyes, I wanted to be like them. It seemed like a fun idea as a kid. I was cutting my barbie doll's hair and eventually moved on to cutting my own hair, which my mum didn’t like very much. 

So, she bought me those dolls that you put makeup on and you can cut their hair. Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, they bought out those dolls and every girl had one & I even wanted one, even more. And then I got into the hairdressing industry and realised it wasn’t for me. 

As for makeup, I used to be that little girl that would steal my mum’s makeup purse and I used to put her bright red lipstick on. She never knew, until one day I accidentally broke the lipstick and it fell onto the carpet .After that, when it came to all the birthdays and Christmas presents, they were always makeup kits.

Once I became older, I started working and saving, and got myself, ‘the makeup adults wear’. From there, I completed the diploma qualifications and opened up my own mobile/freelancing business and started working for myself. I did my friends and family makeup, and it just went from there. I worked on university student short films, music videos, photoshoots and created my own at-home photoshoots in my studio. skincare product flatlay

What have you enjoyed about your studies with Upskilled so far?

I love how flexible the study is. It fits really well into my work schedule. I love how helpful my trainer (Gideon Roos) is. He has always been very detailed and helpful with his assistance in my diploma studies. The coursework is easy to follow and understand as well, and the resources I was given to assist me with my coursework is beyond helpful! 

What skills and knowledge have you already developed from the units you’ve completed?

It has been a massive insight to learn how to advertise and market my business better. How to keep track of stock, sales, profits, etc. In having this knowledge, I've adapted to new ways in managing my business.

How is your trainer supporting you with your studies?

He is always answering the questions I ask, even the small ones. He goes above and beyond to assist me with my studies, far better than the majority of trainers I've come across in my 6-7 years of studying the industry. makeup artist concept

What do you think are the benefits of studying online?

I think the flexibility is very beneficial. I know it’s what got me intrigued: no class schedule to have to go to. It’s at your own pace and that’s a better learning strategy I find for myself. 

Do you have any short-term or long-term goals you have in mind after you finish the course?

I want to manage my own salon better, and hopefully have it running much smoother and better for the future. Maybe one day it'll be a salon in a building, shop or on the street with a shop front. 

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