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Choosing a management course doesn't have to be difficult with Upskilled. We offer leadership and management courses that can help accelerate your career. Whether you're someone already leading a team or wanting to be promoted into a management position, we have certificate and diploma-level courses that can help you gain skills in emotional intelligence, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
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  • What is it like to work in management?

    Depending on what industry you work in, management roles can vary depending on the needs of the business or organisation. A manager is typically responsible for planning, directing and overseeing the operations side of either a business unit or department. To be effective in this role, you'll need be highly responsible and organised in leading the projects of your team. 

    If you're interested in a management role, there are career opportunities across a variety of companies and organisations. From a small company to a large corporation, managers with exceptional leadership skills are in high-demand.

    Here are some examples of senior-level leadership and managament positions within organisations and businesses:
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Executive Manager
    • Managing Director
  • What career outcomes can you achieve in management?

    By studying a course with Upskilled, you can gain valuable transferable skills to find success as a manager. These include communication, organisation and project management. Our leadership and management courses are delivered online, providing you with the flexibility to study around your work and personal life.

    The career outcomes you can achieve in management will depend on the industry you're in. You may need to do further study to achieve your desired career outcome. 

    Here are some top management careers you may choose to pursue, depending on your career goals:
    • Business development manager
    • Construction management
    • Entrepreneur
    • Finance manager
    • General manager
    • Product manager
  • What are the employment prospects in management?

    Working as a manager is an exciting opportunity as you'll be honing your leadership and organisation skills to ensure that the functions or departments you manage run effectively on an operations level. There are plenty of roles available in management and it depends on what type of industry you work in and what qualifications and experience you'll need to be successful.

    We provide you with some interesting facts and figures on the employment prospects of the role of general managers:
    • Most managers need extensive industry experience but undertaking a qualification through Vocational Education and Training (VET) can provide them with valuable transferable skills.
    • Employment prospects for general managers remain stable. 
    • The average salary for a general manager is $116,820.
  • Why should you work in management?

    • You enjoy working with people: Working as a manager means you'll be interacting with people from different departments, as well as the team you manage. You'll come across people with different personalities, so being more of an extrovert or outgoing person can set you up for success. 
    • You know how to identify talent: You may work with your HR department when it comes to hiring decisions regarding your team or department. Understanding your employees and nurturing their talents is key to success as a manager. It's also rewarding to see them experience professional growth within the company. 
    • You aren't afraid to address conflict and issues: From time-to-time, you may experience conflict and issues. As a manager, you're comfortable to step in and find ways to properly address these so they are resolved immediately. You know how to be level-headed when it comes to making tough decisions. 
    • You're already a seasoned professional: Managers tend to have years of expertise and knowledge, making their skillset highly unique and sought-after by employers. If you already have considerable industry experience, then working as a manager may be the next logical step to take in your career.
  • Is management the right career path for you?

    If you're looking for a career that's people-focused and offers unique challenges, a role in management may be for you. Managers are expected to be organised, as well as possess quality leadership and expertise in the field they're in. 

    Here are some signs that may indicate you'd be ready to take on a management role:
    • You like to focus on big-picture tasks.
    • You naturally like coaching and training others.
    • Relationship-building with stakeholders comes naturally to you.
    • You're able to make decisions and can stay calm under pressure. 
  • Why should you study management?

    Studying management means that you'll have the opportunity to gain valuable transferable skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking and conflict management.

    Our leadership and management courses are also delivered online, giving you the flexibility to tend to your work and personal commitments.

    Here are some great reasons why you should study management with Upskilled:
    • Student Support Services: Our student support consultants are readily available to answer your questions if you experience any issues to do with your course.
    • Specialist trainers: You'll have the opportunity to be trained by our specialist trainers in management, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to find career success as a manager.
    • Access to interactive content: You'll have access to external resources, such as videos and other supplementary rich media content that can assist you further throughout your studies.
  • What qualifications do I need to become a manager?

    As mentioned before, managers typically have a unique skillset and extensive industry experience, so further study may be required if you desire to pursue the career pathway of manager. Depending on the field you work in, a qualification in leadership and management may work to your benefit and can be a great addition to your existing educational background.



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