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Student Q&A: Luke Levett

Business Faculty Student - Logistics

Editor's note: Upskilled no longer offers courses in logistics. Please contact us on 1300 009 924 to discuss other course options. 

Luke Levett has been a dedicated student with Upskilled. Since the completion of the TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics, he is now continuing his studies by undertaking the BSB50215 & BSB51918 - Dual Diploma of Business and Leadership and Management. With his passion for ongoing learning, he was given the opportunity to undertake further study to help him advance in future career opportunities along the way.

In this Q&A, he shares more about his experience studying TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics, sharing what skills he has gained, what aspects of the course he enjoyed the most, and how he managed to balance work with online studying. 

Could you tell us why you chose to study the TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics? 

The idea originated from the business I worked with who had a plan to put me in position for future advancement opportunities. The logistics industry has so many facets and levels, so opportunities for career advancements are always available. I specifically chose to study TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics to improve my theoretical knowledge in logistics. 

Could you give us a brief description of your current role and how this course has helped you? 

I work as a Facility Support Manager. My role is to support all areas of warehouse operations and the implementation of new customers. Also, identifying improvement opportunities for existing customers. Completing the TLI42016 - Certificate IV in Logistics provided me with in-depth knowledge in key areas of logistics. These skills I use in my day-to-day operational decisions regarding chain of responsibility and supply chain management.  employee working in warehouse

What skills have you gained (or improved on) since completing this course?

  • Forward thinking: I have developed the ability to make accurate predictions of the possible needs of our business, as well as the outcomes of actions made anywhere in the entire supply chain.
  • Strong numerical and analytical skills: I Improved how I read and analyse data, making interpretations and providing data to support operational decisions. 
  • Continuous improvement: Studying continuous improvement really shifted my mindset to always think of solutions and improvement opportunities within all areas of the warehouse. I also learnt how to pinpoint areas where value is added, where it is absent, and how to dispose of invaluable key waste areas. 

How did you balance work with online study? 

I organised my work and study in a structured way based on when projects, exams and other work events are due. Recurring things like homework and studying are easier to schedule ahead of time. But assignments and projects, on the other hand, tend to sneak up on you.

What aspects of the course did you enjoy and why? 

I enjoyed the complete learning experience. Learning new things gives me the feeling of accomplishment, which in turn boosts my confidence in my own capabilities. Also, I feel more ready to take on challenges. Continuous learning opened my mind and it changed my attitude by building on what I already knew

The more I learn, the better I get at seeing more sides of the same situation, helping me understand more deeply. To function effectively in this rapidly changing world of technology, we need to learn new things to remain valuable and further study provides that for me.

You’re now studying a BSB50215 & BSB51918 - Dual Diploma of Business and Leadership and Management with us. How do these courses differ from the logistics course?

The main focus for me is when you study business management, you learn how to gauge your expectations accordingly, build strong relationships with those you oversee, earn the respect of every member of the workforce and generally boost both morale and productivity. The TLI42016 - Certificate IV Logistics was more about specific areas of supply chain.  blurred image of warehouse

What impact does logistics have in our everyday lives?

Practically every industry uses logistics companies at some point. From big corporations to your local coffee shop, efficient and sustainable logistics is what helps companies run smoothly and successfully.

Any long-term or short-term goals you have set for the future? 

My short-term goal is to help build and be part of a strong and capable Operations Management team.

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