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Student Q&A: Malcolm

IT Faculty Student - Information Technology

When you're at a crossroads with your career, where do you go? Do you hold back from a new opportunity or do you stay where you are and wonder if things will ever change? For Malcolm, studying the Information Technology with Upskilled was a no-brainer as it was an opportunity for him to be on the path to a career change.

Having a personal interest in the IT field and being the "go-to tech person" when it came to IT-related matters, he knew he wanted to pursue this career path for real but he certainly didn't want to compromise his financial and familial obligations, which is why studying online allowed him to upskill without having to alter his work schedule.

In this Q&A, Malcolm shares more about his course experience, how he was supported throughout his studies and helpful advice to future students thinking about studying IT. 

Why did you choose to study Information Technology?

IT has been my passion for a long time, and I’ve always been the go-to tech support for my friends and family. I recently decided I wanted to make a career out of it. Despite my wealth of experience, I wanted to formalise my knowledge and fill in any gaps. The diploma-level IT qualification offered by Upskilled appealed to me because it was a well-rounded course and a nationally-recognised qualification.

How do you feel about completing your course?

I’m very happy to have successfully completed my diploma. This is a great achievement for me, both personally and for my professional development. I had previously undertaken a diploma at TAFE (different field) and I can honestly say my experience with Upskilled has been far better. 


IT concept

Has this qualification helped you boost your skills and knowledge for your job?

Although I don’t currently work in IT, there are some skills and concepts that I learned from the course that are transferable to my current employment. Skills such as sustainability practices, team building, and project management.

How did your trainer support you throughout your studies?

I was hesitant about enrolling in online study because I didn’t want to feel lost and unable to ask for help when I needed it. In effect, my trainer was actually very responsive. I always had my questions answered via email within a few business hours and he was knowledgeable about the subject matter. Although I only studied in the evenings, I’m sure I could’ve called during business hours if I needed immediate assistance with something.

What were the benefits of studying online?

This is the part where Upskilled was invaluable to me. I wasn’t in a position to quit full-time work in order to study for a new career. Financial commitments, a wife and saving for a house - I needed to work, but I also wanted to change careers.

The 100% online diploma allowed me to manage my spare time in the most efficient way possible, with no wasted time commuting to a college/uni. The self-paced course also meant that if I had a commitment on a certain night, I could just catch up on my course later in the week without falling behind.  man typing on laptop

The IT industry is a very lucrative job market. What do you find interesting about it?

IT has always been my passion, and it’s a happy coincidence that IT is also a growth sector. IT is particularly interesting because it’s so vast and dynamic, yet interconnected at the same time. I hope to soon be professionally employed in IT, and further develop my skills and knowledge with some colleagues who are equally passionate.

Any advice or tips you’d like to share for future students thinking about the course? 

Completing a course like this shows future employers that you are committed to the field, have a solid foundation of technical ability, and also that you understand the place of IT with regards to meeting business needs. 

The IT field is unique in that professionals are required to continually update their skills and competencies. The self-paced nature of this course highlights to employers that you have the discipline and focus to learn autonomously and keep pace with the ever-changing world of IT.

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge in the IT field 

If you're keen to make a move in the IT field, a good starting point is to study a relevant qualification with Upskilled. The Information Technology diploma course explores the fundamentals of administration and management of ICT support and gives students a broad overview in programming, networking, web development and more.

Plus, this course is delivered online, which can help you balance any ongoing personal and work commitments you may have. Enquire about this course by calling 1300 009 924 and see how studying IT can help you be on the pathway to a career change. 

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