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Student Q&A: Melinda Marson

Business Faculty Student - Human Resources

Melinda Marson recently completed the certificate-level qualification in Human Resources with Upskilled. While it was a requirement for her to attain this qualification by her employer, she knew that she was overdue to refresh and improve her current skillset in the HR industry. She found online studying beneficial because she was able to tend to her studies while managing her role as HR manager.

In this Q&A, Melinda shares what she enjoyed the most about her studies, how the qualification has helped with her current role and advice to those thinking about studying the course. 

What was your main motivation to study the certificate-level course in Human Resources?

Having worked as an office and payroll manager for 15+ years, it was time to refresh and improve my skills as the company I work for has a number of large retail customers throughout Australia that started requesting that their suppliers have skilled employees with minimum certifications in HR and Quality Assurance.

This is a requirement that many industries now request, so it was my motivation to find a course that would accommodate my needs and give me the best solution possible in the shortest time. Working full-time meant that an online course was the best solution for me as I was able to study and complete my assessments outside working hours.  

Since completing this course, how has it helped you with your role?

I needed to find a course that was comprehensive and relevant in Australia. After reviewing the course overview and finding it matched my needs, I enrolled and completed the course within ten months. Recently, the company that I work for has grown and my role has become more HR focused. I am now an HR Manager at a large manufacturing plant in NSW and this course has allowed me to put what I have learnt into practice. 

It has been extremely beneficial in areas such as managing HR practices from recruiting, interviewing and onboarding to effective team leadership and workplace relations, as well as the importance of industrial relations and legislative requirements including WHS Policies and Procedures. I found the course topics relevant and useful for the industry I work in and am extremely glad I chose this course.

HR concept

What aspects of the course did you enjoy?

I enjoyed the online e-learning seminars and webinars. They were very detailed, easy-to-follow and the exercise files were also useful and able to be downloaded for reference. 

I felt that the digital aspect of this course through LinkedIn Learning was an effective way to learn as I took notes as if I were in a real seminar or classroom. For me, it was much easier than simply studying or reading texts. The K-Check questions within each module were also helpful in making sure I stayed on topic. 

Tell us more about your experience in human resources. What do you find interesting about this industry? 

Human Resources is a fundamental part of any business and it incorporates so much more than the normal day-to-day aspects of managing staff and payroll. 

The importance of Workplace Health and Safety, our Legislative Requirements, Workplace Relations and Performance Management are all areas that interest me as I want to be able to help and support not only the company that I work for, but for our employees as well. 

Implementing best practice programs and procedures was a really important aspect that I took away from this course and put into practice immediately.

How has your trainer supported you throughout the course?

Admin support at the commencement of the course was very helpful with feedback and suggestions on how to approach my studies, with time management and how important it was to set myself goals to complete each module within set timeframes to keep on top of the workload. 

Once assessments and role plays were submitted online, my trainers’ feedback was usually received within 4 to 5 days and was really helpful. They were available whenever I had a query and provided the support when required.  HR concept

Why did you choose to study with Upskilled?

After researching a few courses that were available, I felt that Upskilled offered the right course for my busy schedule. It allowed me to learn after hours and at my own pace, which meant if I wanted to finish the course earlier and put in the time then I was able to do that. It was also a Certificate IV qualification, which was required by my employer. 

Any advice you'd like to share to those thinking about studying Human Resources? 

Manage your time and plan your own deadlines when it comes to finishing the course modules so that you stay on track. Some of the topics were quicker than others in terms of e-learning seminars and assessments.

I downloaded all of the topics and assessment sheets, so I knew what was coming and planned accordingly. Also, be prepared for role plays that you need to sometimes audio and video record, which can be daunting at first but they get easier as you go along. If you don’t have anyone to role play with, your trainer will assist anyway.

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