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Student Q&A: Mica Keeley

Business Faculty Student - Business Administration

One of the best ways to standout to employers is to take the opportunity to get the right credentials on paper, and that is what Mica Keeley did when it came to pursuing the certificate-level qualification in Business Administration.

While she had years of experience in the field of business administration, she knew that getting a qualification could help improve her employment prospects for the future, as well as develop the skills and knowledge needed in handling any situation that arises in the workplace.

In this Q&A, Mica shares more about the benefits she reaped from studying online, how her trainer supported her throughout the course and advice to future students who are considering studying business administration. 

Can you tell us why you decided to study Business Administration?

I decided to study Business Administration when I was working in an administration role at a school. I've had many years of customer service experience in the field. I decided that it was time to look for another job. 

While I had years of experience, I had no paperwork to prove I was capable of my job. I decided to study online so I could continue to work and complete the course in my own time. This allowed me to look for a better job with confidence once the course was completed. 

You previously studied a course in fitness instructing. How did you find an interest in business administration?

After Year 10, I left school and wasn’t sure what to do career-wise. I knew I loved being active and thought maybe a course in fitness is what I should do first. After completing this qualification, I realised that although I love fitness, teaching was not really for me. 

I had many jobs in-between but I always enjoyed customer service roles. I ended up being the first aid officer at a school and this has enabled me to do other administration jobs. I decided to study this course to increase my knowledge and skillset for future employment.   


business administration concept

What skills and knowledge have you developed from the course?

I would say two things have stuck with me after studying this course:
  • Having motivation to start a task.
  • Dealing with conflict 
I can be a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes I worry about starting a task and not being ready for it completely. Studying this course has taught me to take it one step at a time and this has been encouraging since it has taught me to just do my best. Knowing this has allowed me to doubt myself less and get more things done, which is better than getting little done to perfection. 

At the last place I worked at, I had a colleague who I did not get along with. I lacked the confidence in standing up for myself when spoken to by them. Throughout the course, the topic of conflict resolution was addressed and this helped me point out the issues I had with them.

It taught me how to speak appropriately and the type of body language to use. I felt like the course prepared me in having the confidence to address issues in a calm manner instead of bottling them all up. 

How did your trainer support you throughout your studies?

My trainer for my studies was unbelievable. He was always available to chat if I had any questions about the assessments or any particular questions. He also gave me a slightly different view if I was misreading the questions. He was very friendly and his feedback was always direct and informative. 

He would check in from time to time if he hadn’t heard from me in a while and I genuinely felt like I was his only student when he was marking the assessments. I don’t believe I got this sort of support while studying at a TAFE some years ago. 

What are the benefits of online studying?

Upskilled provides all your units at the beginning of the course so you can plot out when to submit your assessments. It's easier to work around as there are no set times but a guide to try and keep you on track. 

During my studies, I moved houses, started a new job and competed in a local triathlon. All these things happened within a month, preventing me from getting to my studies as much as I would have liked. I was able to submit that assessment late and catch up the following month. You appreciate the flexibility that comes with online study. 

business administration concept

Why did you choose to study with Upskilled?

When I was looking to study, I looked at a few different companies. Upskilled caught my eye because of the reviews and the way they described the course. One of the appealing aspects of the course was that there were no exams - only assessments, which I generally perform well at.

The price was very fair as I was able to apply for a government subsidy. I found that they delivered the course content perfectly and the support provided was second to none. Textbooks were also included at no additional cost. I was very happy that I chose to study with Upskilled. 

Any advice you'd like to give to those thinking of studying this course? 

If anyone is thinking of studying this course, I think there is no point looking anywhere else. The online portal is easy to use, even if you aren’t a computer whizz. The online videos are easy to listen to and the content is engaging. Overall, I found the course delivery to be perfect. 

The support team is also there on standby, making you feel less alone in your studies. You can even adjust the font size for the textbook, which is very helpful especially for someone with dyslexia like myself. I honestly couldn’t say a bad word about Upskilled apart from not offering a course in bookkeeping, which I'm looking to study now. Thanks for a great learning experience, Upskilled!  

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