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Student Q&A: Riley Warwick

IT Faculty Student - Web-Based Technologies

Please note: Upskilled no longer offers the course in Web-Based Technologies but the equivalent qualification, ICT40120 - Certificate IV in Information Technology (Web Development) is now available for study. To express your interest, contact our team on 1300 009 924. 

Riley Warwick studied the Web-Based Technologies with Upskilled because he's had an interest in website development since a young age and wanted to undertake a course that could help him develop his skills and specialise in web programming.

Having previously studied courses in Information, Digital Media and Technlogy (IDMT) and programming, he was keen to deepen his knowledge about web-based technologies, which formed a good foundation for him to successfully complete his course.

In his Q&A, Riley shares his experience with online study, the knowledge he has gained from the course and what IT specialistion he is thinking of pursuing as a career path.  

Could you tell us more on why you chose to study Web-Based Technologies?

I have always had an interest in website development. From a young age, I’ve designed websites for friends and family because I enjoy doing it. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised that I would like a career in this field.

I chose to study this course as a pathway to studying the Website Development diploma. The intention of studying this course was to provide knowledge about my area of interest while preparing me for a more challenging course in the future.

You have previously completed qualifications in Information, Digital Media and Technlogy (IDMT) and programming. What made the web-based technologies course different?

I chose the web-based technologies course because I felt it was a way to deepen my knowledge about web-based subjects. Even though I had previously studied IDMT and programming subjects, I felt that there was still more to learn before progressing into the Website Development diploma.

Having done a number of courses now, what IT specialisation are you thinking of pursuing?

Ultimately, I would like to pursue a career in web programming. After completing these courses, I have realised that I prefer web programming compared to web designing, even though I enjoy both. developers planning web application

What skills have you gained or improved on since completing the course?

Since completing the certificate, I have learnt a lot generally about programming and web design. However, the subject I have learnt the most from has been about how to write a copyright and privacy policy.

Until studying this subject, I was unaware of how much was involved with copyright agreements. I also found the subject about accessibility for people with special needs to be very useful. As a person with special needs myself, it is something I would like to include in any website I make from now on.

Tell us more about your experience with online study.

Prior to studying with Upskilled, I studied with another provider. I changed to Upskilled because they were offering a course I was unable to complete there. Upskilled have been very helpful and have answered my questions when required.

I believe self-paced, online studying can be challenging so having the right support is essential for a successful outcome. Overall, I have found online study with Upskilled to be good and supportive without the pressure of regular studies. web programming concept

How did your trainer support you throughout the course? 

I didn’t need to contact my trainer a lot during my course but when I did, he was extremely helpful. When I got my assessments back, the feedback that came with it was always useful and relevant.

What aspects of the course did you enjoy and why?

I really enjoyed studying this course because I could complete it in my own time.  I have Asperger’s Syndrome so I work best without high pressure situations. Being able to learn at my own pace takes some of that pressure off. I found most of the subject material to be good but felt that some of the video content went on for too long.

Any short-term or long-term goals you want to achieve? 

Next year, I intend to study the ICT50615 - Diploma of Website Development. While I’m studying this, I plan to build up my online gaming community with the intention of turning this into a profitable business down the track. I plan on having a shop as a part of this community, which I am currently making.

Interested in web-based technologies like Riley? 

If you want to get started and work towards building your knowledge in the fundamentals of web programming, Upskilled offers a course in Web-Based Technologies.

In this course, you'll learn how to contribute copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment, design a website to meet technical requirements, create website testing procedures and more. 

If you're interested in making a mark in web-based technologies, enquire about this course today and find out how a qualification can help you further your IT career. 

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