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Student Q&A: Tom (Romi) Danieluk

IT Faculty Student - Networking

Tom (Romi) Danieluk studied an IT networking course with Upskilled. While he already possessed a considerable amount of experience and skills, he knew that in order to be better in his role, further study was required. Working as a security consultant, Tom is responsible for managing network designs and deployments. He is now able to do this confidently, without having to consult when making decisions.

In this Q&A, we learn about Tom's overall student experience, how Upskilled provided support in his studies, and how the IT networking course has helped him professionally. 

What was your motivation behind enrolling in a networking course?

I wanted to increase my knowledge base regarding IT networks specifically. I had a fair amount of IT skills and knowledge already but my exposure to IT networks on how they worked, terminology and basic reasoning were lacking. I work in an industry that uses dedicated networks extensively and I've always felt that while I knew what a network was and how it worked, I was lacking the knowledge, experience and confidence to properly manage the designs, the overall works and project deployments.   

Can you tell us more about your experience as an IT professional and what other qualifications you've studied before?

I am a security consultant with a security hardware and security systems integration background. I have been in the industry long enough to have seen systems go from basic communications and analogue cabling infrastructure to a heavy, almost exclusive reliance on IP networks. I have a trade qualification along with having studied electronics, electrical and communications cabling systems. I'm also qualified in multiple engineering based control systems applications and software platforms.

How has studying networking helped you professionally?

I can now confidently manage IT network designs and network deployments. I have the confidence to easily discuss issues and requirements with IT engineers and IT professionals.  Reviewing network engineering documentation and schematics is now much easier and makes a lot more sense to me. I don’t have to rely so heavily on external advice. I have enough knowledge to confidently critique and adjust designs as required.  information technology concept

What did you enjoy about studying online?

While I did enjoy the flexibility, what I mostly enjoyed was the ability to take my time and really immerse myself in the labs. I made mistakes and learned from them. I experimented with different scenarios and took the opportunity to really familiarise myself with the systems, how they worked, how they were configured and what they were capable of - all at my own pace. The ability to “play” so to speak was the best way to learn what to do, and what not to do.

How did Upskilled support you throughout your studies and why did you choose us as a course provider?

The trainers always assisted me when I needed them. They were knowledgeable and helpful. Upskilled staff always treated me with respect and dignity. A relaxed learning environment is important and conducive to learning and that’s what I felt throughout the course.  

The online labs were very complex, but with the assistance from the trainers, I always seemed to get through to them. When required, they would always provide advice on how to get out of a bind - to the extent they would even dial into Zoom sessions with me to assist me directly with a lab [assessment].

It’s not always easy to determine what’s required when submitting a document for grading. The ability to submit a document for review and receive constructive criticism, with links to additional study material, were very conducive to reducing the stress of not knowing if a submission was adequate.   

What skills and knowledge have you developed from studying networking?

To confidently discuss and manage aspects of my job that I struggled with in the past. My stress levels have reduced, and my knowledge base has increased. I feel this has developed my ability to confidently manage my IT network environments.

Understanding IT network terminology, and the associated functions related to the terms, has also improved my ability to understand discussions and documentation related to my IT networks. I’m confident I have the tools to do my job much more efficiently, and I now also have the skills and knowhow to confidently document and develop basic documentation requirements. 

Any advice you'd like to share for people thinking of enrolling in a networking course?

If you enrol, stick with it.  Even when you feel like you’re drowning or are in over your head, just take the next step. Before you know it, you’ve completed the course.  Don’t stress over submissions. Eventually, you'll work out what's required. The instructors will always assist and guide you through. The labs do seem daunting at first, but just take it slow, make mistakes and learn from them. Use the trainers and don’t give up. 

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