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Student Q&A: Wendy Dean

Business Faculty Student - Marketing and Communication

Wendy Dean recently completed the Marketing and Communication course with Upskilled. Having experience in the events industry, she knew that marketing was an essential aspect of the business so it made sense to get a qualification in order to keep up with the industry trends.

In this Q&A, she shares the skills and knowledge she developed from the course, how her trainer supported her while she was studying and what she finds fascinating about the marketing industry. 

Why did you study Marketing and Communication?

In my position as an Events Manager, I'm often required to provide marketing for our annual event. I also manage our social media accounts. I believe that this certificate has given me some advanced skills in managing these aspects.

I also run my own events company and I've been trying to define my clientele in terms of marketing myself. As a qualified graphic designer with over 15 years of experience, I now have another level of consultation in regards to marketing strategies using design, which has been invaluable. 

You have experience working in the events industry. What sparked your interest in marketing?

I've discovered after working in the events industry for six years that marketing is often expected to go alongside events. I'm generally responsible for the overall messaging, the social media presence and tying in the design and theme of the company values for a particular event.

I find that having knowledge of marketing will compliment my industry experience in events.  marketing and communication concept

What skills and knowledge have you developed from the course? 

I've assisted my current workplace in defining our marketing objectives, as well as discovering two key demographics - ones we'd never considered to market before. I've also built a more consistent social media presence and have defined the goals of our company. 

Plus, I've introduced a system called Trello, which has helped streamline communication for our annual event in order to ensure everyone is on the same page and aware of their responsibilities in regards to the overall plan. 

What level of support did you receive from your trainer?

My trainer Christine O'Brien was more dedicated than I ever expected. She was available whenever I needed her and I'd often have phone conversations to discuss the more involved assessments. 

I found her enjoyable and encouraging and felt as though I had a cheerleader backing me. I had been trying to finish this course beyond the set time and was struggling hard to gain the motivation to finish. Christine gave me that motivation and the only reason I finished the course is because of her guidance.

What fascinates you about the marketing industry?

I've never considered the level of emotion involved in marketing to people. Being able to play to your strengths is so essential, as well as omitting weaknesses. It's invaluable to the events industry.  marketing and communication concept

Why did you choose to study with Upskilled?

Upskilled has payment plans available. Plus, the format of the course was easy to follow. They were also the most prominent in my searches and had the most positive and comprehensive reviews/feedback than other education providers. 

Any advice you'd like to give to those thinking of studying this course? 

The support you receive online is amazing and I couldn't have done this without my trainer. No question was silly and she went into depth until I fully understood.

During the times where I'd text/email my trainer when I wasn't feeling confident or motivated and then having her come back with support, understanding and motivation was crucial to my course completion. Studying at my own pace was amazing and I did not feel left behind. 

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