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Prince 2 Foundation Certification Training

Become an informed, productive member of project teams through our Prince2 Foundation Certification training in partnership with Simplilearn.

Our course will equip you for the Prince 2 Foundation exam, by exploring the critical knowledge areas, processes, and practices required to earn this world-renowned credential.

Course delivered by Simplilearn.
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Delivery Mode
This is an online short course and students will learn via online self-paced learning
Get Qualified Under Global Standards
Learn the essentials of the Prince2 framework, a world-renowned methodology sought after by project management teams
Build "Job-Ready" Skills For the Industry
Gain employable skills by working on 26 process templates, 1 process model, 7 real-life case scenarios and 156 lesson-end quizzes
Exam Voucher Included
Receive access to the Prince2 Foundation exam voucher and practice on 2 Axelos sample papers, 2 simulation test papers and an exam preparation guide

Course Summary

5-7 months
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Lifetime Access
1 section
Delve into the fundamental tools, practices, and processes of project management under the world-renowned Prince2 framework. Learn its core principles and practical applications, along with ways of adopting the methodology and tailoring it to your specific business. Recognised and used throughout the globe in both public and private sectors, the Prince2 Foundation certification will not only bolster your skills in basic project management - but also certifies your expertise for higher-level (and higher-earning) roles in the field. According to Payscale, those holding a Prince2 certification earn an average of $132K AUD per year.

What you will learn

By the end of this Prince2 Foundation Certification training, you will accomplish the following:
  • A comprehensive understanding of the core principles and practical applications of the Prince2 framework
  • Knowledge of how to adopt, tailor, and optimise Prince2 methodologies for your business
  • Fundamental skills in controlling and managing processes in the project lifecycle

Prince 2® is a registered trademark of the PeopleCert group. Used under licence from PeopleCert. All rights reserved. The Prince 2 Foundation Certification Training® course on this page is offered by Simplilearn ATO / AEO of PeopleCert Group.

Course Structure

Through 20 in-depth lessons, students will explore the key principles, themes, and processes that make up the Prince2 Foundation framework. This enables one to effectively design and execute project plans with well-defined requirements, tasks, resources, and responsibilities - along with the best practices in managing these elements and accounting for risk. Throughout the course, you'll train through real-world industry scenarios, lesson-end quizzes, and even simulation test papers to equip you for the Prince2 Foundation certification exam. Once passed, this verifies your skills and experience as a reputable expert of the project management field.
  • Section 1 - Prince2 Foundation 2017


    Lesson 0 - Course Introduction
    Lesson 1 - Introduction to PRINCE2 Methodology
    Lesson 2 - Project Management with PRINCE2
    Lesson 3 - PRINCE2 Principles
    Lesson 4 - Tailoring and Adopting PRINCE2
    Lesson 5 - Introduction to PRINCE2 Themes
    Lesson 6 - Business Case Theme
    Lesson 7 - Organisation Theme
    Lesson 8 - Quality Theme
    Lesson 9 - Plans Theme
    Lesson 10 - Risk Theme
    Lesson 11 - Change Theme
    Lesson 12 - Progress Theme
    Lesson 13 - Introduction to PRINCE2 Processes
    Lesson 14 - Starting Up a Project Process
    Lesson 15 - Directing a Project Process
    Lesson 16 - Initiating a Project Process
    Lesson 17 - Controlling a Stage Process
    Lesson 18 - Managing Product Delivery Process
    Lesson 19 - Managing a Stage Boundary Process
    Lesson 20 - Closing a Project Process

    Delivery mode: self-paced learning only

Letter of Course Attendance/Participation

Who is this course for?

Though not a mandatory requirement, individuals looking to enrol in this course are recommended to have the following:
  • At least two years of experience working in a project management environment

Career outcomes

Project Manager
Project managers oversee the entire process of a business project from start to finish - helping develop project goals and plans, setting budgets, managing teams, and communicating with stakeholders throughout the process.
$127k AUD
Information Technology
Project Analyst
Project analyst help supervise the overall processes and quality of a project. They typically help with planning out the project scope, preparing documentation, monitoring daily activities, and reviewing the financials.
$110k AUD
Information Technology
Product Owner
Product owners are responsible for planning out, prioritising, and evaluating the work activities of a project team to ensure optimal value and quality of the final product.
$136k AUD
Information Technology

Prince 2 Foundation Certification Training course advisor

Tim Jerome
Tim Jerome
Project Management Expert and Evangelist

As a well-established international project management expert, Tim Jerome has built over 15 years of industry experience across renowned companies such as Intel and Digital Network Services - along with his role as former president of the PMI Rio Grande Chapter. In addition, Tim has also had over 10 years of experience as a PMP instructor.


What is the difference between a Short Course and an Online Bootcamp?

An Online Bootcamp Program is an intensive and accelerated learning program made up of a collection of self-paced eLearning components and live online classes that students are required to attend.
The Online Bootcamp program curriculum contain a combination of specifically chosen courses and career-critical skills that are aligned to a job role.

A Short Course on the other hand are shorter courses that is designed to target developing a specific skill set or topic. They generally are much quicker to complete than Bootcamp Programs.


What is the Prince2 Foundation certification?

Now considered a staple among industry professionals worldwide, the Prince2 Foundation certification verifies one's skills in effective project management. The credential explores more agile, productive ways of approaching the project lifecycle, implementing greater project control, resource management, risk management, and task delegation.

Projects managed under the Prince2 framework typically follow eight critical processes:
  1. The startup stage, in which the project manager and key decision-makers are appointed;
  2. Direction, in which the the Project Board is established and the project manager is tasked with planning out the key details of the project;
  3. Initiation, in which the project manager prepares a "Project Initiation" document to be reviewed or revised by the Project Board;
  4. Stage boundary management, in which the Project Board reviews and approves the progress of the current stage and plans for the next one;
  5. Planning, in which members decide what products are to be produced, the resources necessary, the activities require to produce them, and any risk management and analysis;
  6. Product delivery management, in which the project manager supervises the project lifecycle, ensuring the right products are produced according to budget, stakeholder requirements, and schedule; and finally
  7. Closing, in which a "Post Project Review" is conducted to review project outcomes and areas for improvement. Upon approval by the Project Board, the project will then be officially closed down.

This process (along with the principles, tools, and methodologies one learns under the framework) enables teams to complete projects with greater planning, flexibility, quality control, and financial management. It allows businesses to save time and money through minimal risk and better resource management, while producing higher-quality project outcomes.


Is a training course in Prince2 Foundation worth it?

With its ability to streamline, speed up, and provide better quality outcomes for the project lifecycle, the Prince2 Foundation certification is a highly-recommended credential for anyone looking to enter or advance in the project management field. For many employers, being Prince2-certified may even be an essential requirement for project management roles.

Through a Prince2 Foundation certification, you'll not only be better organised as a project or program manager - but you'll also learn to approach project goals with greater agility, quality control, risk control, and resourcefulness. In short, you'll be more effective in carrying out projects of any industry, boosting business results while saving on time and money. This positions you as an in-demand expert of your field, expanding your job opportunities in the project management sector.

According to Payscale, Prince2-certified professionals earn an average of $132K AUD per year - with plenty of career outcomes (such as project management, project analyst, and product owner roles) yielding earnings well into the six-figure range.


What are the prerequisites for Prince2 Foundation certification?

There are no prerequisites for pursuing the Prince2 Foundation certification.

However, candidates may fare best with at least two years of experience in a project management environment before undertaking the certification exam.


How do I earn my Prince2 Foundation certification?

Upon completion of this training course, you'll be given a Letter of Course Attendance/Participation and you would be in a more confident situation to apply for the Prince2 Foundation exam. Examination fees are covered under your course fee, though the exam voucher must be procured within six (6) months of your date of course purchase.

Simply follow these steps provided by Simplilearn to book your examination.

The Prince2 Foundation exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions, of which you'll need 33 marks out of 60 (a grade of 55%) to pass. Upon passing the exam, your certificate will then be available on the PeopleCert website within 10-14 working days.


How do I become a certified expert in Prince2 Foundation?

Our Prince2 Foundation certification training (in partnership with Simplilearn) explores all the key principles, practices, and processes that make up the fundamentals of the Prince2 framework. Through the program's hands-on course content, interactive lessons and challenges aligned to real-world industry problems, you'll be well-equipped to certify yourself as a project management professional under the Prince2 Foundation certification. A leading methodology in project management across the globe - you'll effectively expand your opportunities across any country and industry.

To top it off, our online course delivery allows you to train at a schedule, place, and pace that suits you best - offering you a learning experience best tailored to your needs.


What kind of careers can I pursue with a Prince2 Foundation certification?

With the industry relevant knowledge and skills you gain from our Prince2 Foundation Certification training, you are eligible to apply for in-demand jobs including:
  • Project Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Program Manager
  • Project Analyst
  • Project Management Officer (PMO)
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Director


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5 star

I had a great experience doing this course with Upskilled. The trainer was very cooperative at every stage of the course and that's the reason I finished the whole course in just under 5 weeks period while the actual period was 12 months to finish this course. I would highly recommend others thinking about doing this course, go on and have your great experience listed here for future students.

Muhammad Shahzad

5 star

The course content was easy to follow and access. Upskilled regularly checked in to see how I was travelling and if I needed anything, which was great. My trainer was next level, she was available to text and email, if I ever had a tough time with a subject, we would arrange a chat and she would guide me through how to best approach it. I felt super supported the entire time and genuinely wouldn't have finished if not for my trainer cheerleading me on in the background.

Wendy Dean

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