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  • What is the difference between TAFE and a private education provider?


What is a TAFE?

TAFE stands for “Technical and Further Education”. TAFE institutes are government funded Registered Training Organisations that offer Vocational Education and Training relating to a specific industry or occupation. They are also known for offering courses that have a very “hands-on”, practical approach to qualifications.

What is a private college?

Private colleges may specialise in a particular industry. Larger private colleges, such as Upskilled, cover a wide range of educational topics and offer VET (Vocational Training and Education) courses. While some private colleges are campus based, many provide their training online with the flexible option of online qualifications.

Can a private college such as Upskilled give me a Nationally Recognised Qualification?

Yes. When it comes to qualifications, it’s not just your organisation of choice that matters, but whether your qualification has been accredited nationally. These Nationally Reognised Qualifications are regulated by ASQA. Any qualification that is accredited by ASQA will be recognised across Australia. As stated by ASQA, accreditation is formal confirmation that the course:

  • is Nationally Recognised
  • meets an established industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community need
  • provides appropriate competency outcomes and a satisfactory basis for assessment
  • meets national quality assurance requirements
  • is aligned appropriately to the AQF where it leads to a qualification. 

No matter which institution you gain your qualification at, if it is Nationally Recognised, it is acknowledged as having met a significant standard.

Which provides a higher quality of study – a TAFE or a private college?

The term ‘higher quality’ is a difficult one to pin down. With this type of education, it really comes down to what suits you, your life, and your learning style best. An accredited qualification is worth the same wherever you obtain it. Whilst private college learning may, in some cases, be more flexible and widely accessible (and rely more on student motivation) than TAFE learning, private colleges are renowned for working closely with industries to provide the type of training that employers truly value while offering the flexibility that makes their courses accessible for most Australians. Discover what some of our students have thought about our qualifications and how achieving them has enhanced their careers.

Which provides more flexible learning – a TAFE or a private college?

For many students, online learning provides plenty of flexibility. People who might prefer online learning include:
  • Those in regional areas who have limited access to campus-based learning
  • Those with young families
  • Those who want to study whilst continuing to work
  • Employers who want to offer employees training opportunities
  • Those who live in remote locations

While some TAFE organisations are now starting to offer online learning, long-standing private colleges such as Upskilled have years of experience in providing high quality, flexible, online learning opportunities and understand how to best provide trainer-based student support, collaborative online learning experiences, quality work-based experiences and innovative online learning materials.

Should I choose an online course with Upskilled?

Over 15,000 students (and counting!) have undertaken a course with Upskilled. However, the success of your learning experience will depend on you. Upskilled offers high quality, Nationally Recognised Training and support for every student throughout their learning journey, but it will be your hard work, organisation and commitment that will ultimately achieve the career boost and qualification you deserve. For more on what Upskilled can offer you, have a look through our course page.

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