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10 brain foods to help you boost your productivity

By Yvette McKenzie | 30 August 2017

Did you know that food can help you boost Your productivity? If you want to succeed in your studies and your career then eating well is one of the best things you can do. When you are more productive, you get more done in a short amount of time; you feel more satisfied with your work and you can even switch between tasks with ease. 

Unhealthy eating is detrimental in the short-term, and has been shown by a number of studies to have a negative impact on brain function and cognitive abilities. So if you’re hoping to get the most out of your studies, reach for some healthy options. Here are 10 healthy brain foods to get you started. Eat for health and boost your brainpower.

1. Blueberries


Studies have proven that blueberries boost memory and concentration for up to five hours –that’s enough to get some serious study time in! This boost is due to the fact that the antioxidants found in blueberries help stimulate the blood and oxygen that flows to the brain, helping to keep the mind fresh. Eating blueberries on a regular basis has also been proven to help keep you coherent later on in life. Don't worry, eating as many blueberries as Violet in Willy Wonka will not turn you into a giant blueberry.

2. Salmon

Salmon contains omega-3s that are beneficial for your brain, and can help you think better. The omega-3s found in salmon can help aid memory, improve mental performance, and help behavioral functions. People deficient in omega-3s can have poor memory function, as well as depression or mood swings. Salmon can also help boost your mood, and keep the angries away (which is great for those business meetings after graduation). Other fish, such as sardines, have many of the same benefits.

3. Nuts

mixed nuts in bucket

Nuts, like almonds, are high in Vitamin E which can help maintain your cognitive abilities over time. Learning, problem solving, retention, and attention –can all be improved by eating some almonds or nuts. Nuts are also high in healthy oils and amino acids that help aid in focus.

4. Broccoli

While I think this is one vegetable that is woefully underrated, broccoli is actually pretty amazing. Potassium that’s found in broccoli helps the nervous system, which helps the brain. Other research suggests that broccoli may even contribute to helping the brain to heal after an injury. Pretty powerful stuff! Of course, these health benefits are also found in other related vegetables including cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. So if you love greens, make sure you eat these up!

5. Garlic

garlic in a wooden bowl

Garlic’s not just for keeping vampires at bay –it’s also helpful for the brain. Garlic has multiple properties that contribute to brain function. It also helps to combat damage that’s caused by free radicals to the brain. Add garlic to soups, pasta, and of course garlic bread and enjoy the healthy brain boosting benefits of this powerful food!

6. Flax Seeds

Sometimes called linseed in Australia, Flax seeds are another excellent source of omega-3s as well as a large amount of fiber. Despite their small size, flax seeds come with a surprisingly large amount of brain boosting benefits. Flax is an excellent source of alpha-linolenic acid, a good-for-you fat that helps to maintain the health of the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that processes sensory information.

Nothing offers a brain-boost quite like adding some flax seeds to your midday snack! One of the best ways to eat these tiny seeds, is to buy them milled –ground into a powder. This makes it easy for you to add them to just about anything! Sprinkle some on your oatmeal, in your soups, salads, or smoothies.

7. Eggs

poached eggs on toast

Everyone loves eggs! Every part of the egg offers a different boost for your brain. For instance, the yolk of the egg helps boost your short term memory, while the protein that an egg contains helps your brain functioning at top notch all day. The omega-3s found in eggs also provide additional brain-boosting benefits.

8. Dark Leafy Greens

Eat your greens! Dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale are loaded with healthy benefits that support brain function. The folate found in spinach helps with blood circulation, important for brain health. Kale is just as healthy as spinach, if not more so. Kale is noted as a great food for the brain as well as the heart. So next time you go to make a smoothie why not toss some kale in, and kick your brain into full gear.

9. Water

glass of water

While not a food, water is absolutely essential for every function of the body –so it’s only natural that it deserves an inclusion on this list! After all, the brain is 73% water! Most of us aren’t getting enough water, which is what provides the brain with the energy needed for thought, focus, and memory processes. So drink more water –it will help you to focus, keep you looking and feeling younger, and improve your health overall. 

10. Avocado

Responsible for the Millennial homeowner crisis, these humble fruits are a superfood. Last but not least, avocados are a great resource for those trying to boost and optimise brain cells. They also have healthy fats needed to help increase blood flow, something that’s important for every organ in the body –especially the heart and brain.

Consider what you eat and succeed 

So there you have it, 10 excellent brain foods that can help to supercharge your brain. Try fitting a few of these super-foods foods in every week and see if you notice a difference. Skillstalk is betting that you will and you'll be well on your way to getting that job you covet! 

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