Upskilling: what is it, how does it affect the jobs sector and what should you know about it?

By Michael Crump | 16 April 2012

So, what is upskilling, and how does it affect you? The fast paced world of business demands that businesses constantly grow and adapt in order to survive.Companies must keep on top of current technology, marketing, and commercial trends; continuously developing innovative strategies and encouraging forward thinking. Upskilling workers gives these businesses the competitive edge they need, keeping their employees' skillsets current, cutthroat, and ahead of the curve. 

Can Upskilled give me a better career outcome?

Upskilled is a company for just that purpose. We give your company the competitive advantage you're after thorugh updating the knowledge of your management, the strategies of your sales team, or by training your administrative staff in new digital proficiencies. 

Upskilled seeks to assist Australian businesses in improving their workforce through the assistance of government funding and training grants. Through our services, companies from every region of Australia have upskilled their employees to Certificate IV and Diploma levels in business administration, human resources, training and assessment, frontline management, general management, occupational health and safety, project management, customer contact and business sales.

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Upskilled experts will work with your company in order to determine what course of study would be most useful to your workplace. By seeking out those courses most suited to upskilling your staff, Upskilled expert trainers will then have the opportunity to seek out those government funds appropriate to your workplace training. Upskilled ensures that your employees are trained with accredited Registered Training Organizations in order to guarantee that all training is of the best quality.

Are Upskilled's courses accredited?

Most courses and certifications offered by Upskilled are accompanied by access to government funding for businesses. As part of a program provided by the Australian government, the cost of upskilling your work force is supplemented by funds made available to Australian businesses. These funds are regularly put to use by other companies, perhaps even by competitors within your industry. Work with Upskilled in order to access them and upskill your work force today.

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