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Top 5 reasons to start training your staff

By Michael Crump | 18 March 2013

Training staff can be a costly and time consuming exercise. Staff often have to take work time off to study, leaving the organisation temporarily short staffed and unproductive. With recent advances in flexible delivery options, including online learning, employers can often minimise these short term impacts on their business.

However, the medium and long term benefits of having well trained staff can outweigh the short term costs . Below are five reasons to start training your staff:

1. Increase productivity

Staff properly trained in the most efficient and innovative techniques, are more productive to the organisation. Trained staff waste less resources, money and time and produce higher quality work.

2. Less Supervision

As we all know the manager’s time is quite valuable to the company. Well trained employees will know how to perform their tasks effectively and efficiency without the manager needing to guide them. Employees will also be able to deal with a wider range of problems and scenarios with greater confidence. Consequently, this frees up the manager’s time for other tasks.

3. Increase employee job satisfaction, morale and reduce turnover

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The fact that the company will invest time and money training their staff will make them feel valued by the organisation and they will feel a sense of achievement by passing the assessments to gain a qualification. Consequently staff gain extra confidence to perform tasks, with the knowledge gained from the course.

4. Increase customer satisfaction

Trained staff will have the knowledge to cope with the range of customers’ needs and complaints in a correct and timely manner. The customer will be more likely to be satisfied and loyal and may be a future source of revenue for the company through repurchase and word of mouth.

5. Increased Capacity to adopt new technologies and methods

Technology is constantly changing and costly to adapt, but it provides companies the opportunity to improve their innovation and productivity. Staff trained in the latest technology will ensure they are able utilise the latest techniques.

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