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5 careers for people-persons

By Fi Darby

Not all extroverts are loud and pushy. However, many of those looking for careers for people persons find that they work better in company. There is a place and a career for everybody and understanding your character traits can be a helpful tool when it comes to choosing the right industry and working your way through the many careers for extroverts that are out there. If you think you would be happiest employed as an extroverted worker and providing excellent customer service through working with people, read on. We have some career and training ideas for you.

5 signs you're a people person 

  1. You feel a rush of energy when you're in a social situation.
  2. You thrive in any environment that requires customer service.
  3. You love working in a team environment.
  4. Large groups of people make you feel comfortable.
  5. The idea of making new contacts and networking fills you with excitement.
1. You feel a rush of energy when you’re in a social situation. You know the feeling; you’re sitting with friends and just their presence can make you want to get up and get on with something. Learning to tap this social energy is a key skill for anyone who enjoys working with people.

2. You thrive in any environment that requires customer service. If interaction is your thing then customers will be sure to notice and start to ask for you in person. This is a sure indicator that you are a people person.

3. You love working in a team environment. Cooperating with other people takes on a whole new meaning when those people are your work colleagues. If you enjoy bouncing ideas around and achieving team goals then you might well be one of Australia’s extroverted workers.

4. Large groups of people make you feel comfortable and as though you are ‘in the right place’. Lots of people don’t enjoy crowds but, if you find yourself responding positively to this type of environment, the chances are that you should be considering careers for people persons.

5. The idea of making new contacts and networking fills you with excitement as well as nerves. Meeting new people can be nerve wracking whatever your personality but, if you get that little frisson of anticipation whenever the opportunity to make contacts arises, the chances are that you’re an extroverted worker and should maybe be considering working more with people.

Lots of jobs involve working with other people, which means that there are plenty of rewarding careers for extroverts out there. So, if you are looking to move forward in your existing industry or take your first steps into another, here are some great careers for people persons that will make the most of your personality and give your extroverted side the opportunity to shine.

5 people person jobs for extroverts

  1. Social worker.
  2. Retail Manager.
  3. Event Planner/Manager.
  4. Beauty Therapist.
  5. Human Resources.

1. Social worker.

social worker talking to family

Social workers need excellent people skills because they often work with those who are at their most vulnerable. Working with people who need help can be demanding but for those who enjoy communication, very rewarding. Although empathy and understanding are important, the key social work skills are extrovert-related because tasks in this job role usually involve relationship building, communication and caring for others. Working as a social worker you will earn approximately $1,364 each week but wages will vary according to your level of experience. 84% of social workers are currently women but many men also have successful careers in this industry. Most (62%) of social workers have a qualification at Bachelor degree or higher but relevant social work courses are available from Certificate level up.

2. Retail Manager.

retail manager checking stock

For a retail manager, the bottom line is getting customers to buy products. Not only do retail managers need to enjoy working with people themselves, they will also be expected to train other employees towards excellent customer service and achievement. Most management jobs are excellent careers for extroverts but retail managers have the added responsibility of being in charge of the public face of a company. Working as a retail manager you will earn approximately $1,000 each week but wages will vary according to your level of experience. Almost half (47%) of retail managers are currently women indicating that this is a great career option for any extrovert. Only 12% of retail managers have a qualification at Bachelor degree level but 35% have either Certificate III/IV or Diploma/Advanced Diploma qualifications. If you are looking for careers for people persons, a retail course at Certificate IV or Diploma level might be the best place to start.

3. Event Planner/Manager.

wedding planner prepping for wedding reception

Event planners and managers work closely with other people right from the conception of an event all the way through the planning to the event itself. Whatever the size of events, this is a dynamic industry in which to be involved because success relies on cooperation with so many different people. From client to suppliers, event planning and management isn’t just about working with people, you also need to have the skillset to enable them to work closely with each other. Working as an event organiser or manager you will earn approximately $1,313 each week but wages will vary according to your level of experience. Event planners and managers often do not have specific qualifications but your resume is going to be enhanced if you can demonstrate commitment through study. If you are an extrovert thinking of a career move into the events industry, a flexible online Diploma level events tourism course might be right up your street.

4. Beauty Therapist.

beauty therapist massaging client's head

When people visit a beauty therapist, it is the overall experience that is important. Without great customer service and the ability to make clients feel relaxed, beauty therapists will find the demand for their treatments slipping. This is where extroverted workers have an advantage because they are often good at empathising with their clients and providing exactly the right amount of chatter or quiet. Working as a beauty therapist you will earn approximately $650 per week but wages will vary according to your experience. Most (96%) of beauty therapists are female but male beauty therapists do make successful careers in this industry. Beauty therapists are often (55%) educated to Advanced Diploma/Diploma level. If you’re a people person with a flair for learning and a desire to progress, you might like to consider an online beauty therapy course.

5. Human Resources.

HR concept

Human resources is, by its very nature, all about working with people. Not only do human resource specialists need to understand and work with a whole range of organisational, cultural and legal requirements, they are responsible for the recruitment, job roles, welfare and discipline of a whole workforce. Getting the very best out of people whilst making sure that their needs are met requires the type of skills that are definitely suited to careers for extroverted people. When your day could mean dealing with anyone from top level management to the newest recruit, your people skills need to be top notch and very flexible. Working as a human resource manager you will earn approximately $1857 each week but wages will vary according to your experience. Around half (58%) of human resource managers are female, making this a really accessible career for men and women alike. Many (59%) human resources managers are educated to Bachelor degree, Post Graduate/Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate level but online human resources courses are available at both Certificate and Diploma level for those extroverted people looking for a route into this industry.

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If none of the careers for people persons above seems quite the right one for you, don’t give up looking. All industries have at least some requirements for employees who enjoy dealing with people and presenting a point of contact for their company. ‘

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