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5 of the best productivity articles

By Dianna Lloyd | 21 May 2018

Has Monday hit you in the face? Are you wondering how to get through the giant list of tasks to complete, which didn't really seem so big last Friday, but now seems to dangle precariously over your head? If you are feeling a little bit stuck, maybe checking out these articles on productivity can help you find your way through the jungle and make the week and months ahead run a lot smoother.

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1. 4 Techniques to Increase Your Creative Productivity

Creatives can struggle in the workforce from bringing the wrong self to the task at hand, under-utilising one role and over-using another. In the absence of balance, things can’t ever be as you like it. The kind of power struggles and rampant egomania for which Hollywood film sets are notorious is actually a psychodrama that gets played out within every individual from one day to the next, and many times over whenever a substantial project is undertaken. Productions get stuck, and so do people, often for the same exact reasons: agendas are competing when they need to be harmonising. All the world’s a stage and all the men and women players – but maybe someone’s hogging the limelight and delivering someone else’s lines. Maybe someone’s forgotten that many hands make light (Shakespearean comedy) work. Find out how you can get your inner agent, artist and editor working together to boost your productivity.

2. The Secret of Super Productive People

We all know those amazing people. They seem to be busy at work when you drag yourself in (and you were 5 minutes early!). And they certainly aren’t joining you in the 5pm “where did the day go” freak-out. Do they perform some secret Illuminati ritual, or possess super-human genes? The answer is kind of. But don’t worry, you can join the super productive people league with some adjustments to your daily routine. 

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3. 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Mornings

Whether you’re an online student pulling an all-nighter to prep for an upcoming assessment or a career professional working late at the office to face down a looming deadline, there’s no doubt that working into the night can be stressful. Remember the last time you pulled off one of these late nights? Chances are you didn’t feel good doing it, and you certainly didn’t feel well the next morning! We all want to make the most of our mornings, right? The “all-nighter” is a rite of passage for many students, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea! In fact, students who self-identify as early risers have higher marks on average than their fellow “night owls.” If you make it a priority to wake up earlier, you’ll find that you have all the time you need for exercise, eating right, reviewing your work and strategising about your future.

4. 3 Productivity Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Time

Ever started a day of work or study full of the promise and watched it disappear magically in a blur of procrastination? Help is on the way, with a list of tools, apps and a bit of productivity inspiration from some of the world’s most productive people. As Skillstalk eagerly absorbed all the productivity literature we could get our hands on, we noticed there were three clear themes running through most advice posts. Each of these habits were mentioned time and time again. The masters and mistresses of these habits were running multibillion dollar organisations. And if they can harness the power of three, then why can’t you? So here they are.

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5. 5 Productivity Hacks That You Probably Haven’t Heard of Yet

If you think most of the productivity wisdom out there has gotten a little… well, stale, and if you’ve tried all the above tips and you still haven’t seen the improvement in your performance that you desire, it’s time for something new. So we’ve rounded up some of the best scientifically-proven and lesser-known productivity tips that all students can benefit from. Give them a try, and watch your academic performance soar! Here are five productivity hacks you probably haven’t heard of yet.

Now that you have the compendium of hacks to improve your productivity, it's time to go out and make some improvements in your life. The only thing you have to loose is frustration and apathy! Maybe your good habits will rub off on your co-workers, or maybe your boss will notice the difference you are making in your day? Who knows?

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