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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Government Job

By Michael Crump | 31 March 2015

Maybe you’re pondering what career to choose or what to do with that qualification you’ve just received. Or maybe you’re contemplating a change in your life and are looking to embark on a new journey. You know, having a mid-life crisis. Well, don’t run out and get a new haircut and an expensive car. Instead, try to figure out where you can find the best career. The answer might well be a government job. Working for the government can provide options, advantages and opportunities that are rare in other fields.

An Abundance of Options

Think about it: the term “government job” can apply to either a logistics officer or the prime minister, and everything in between. Or perhaps for something a little more settled and stable, there are a plethora of opportunities in finance, administration and other office work. What’s more, there are positions everywhere and not just in the countries capitals. Whether you’re working at a local level, state level or federal level, there are jobs to be had anywhere and everywhere. You can also pursue a job in almost any field related to almost anything else you may be interested in. City planning, agriculture, treasury, police and emergency services or the defence force, they all require government administration and are just some of the many fields you can work in with a government job.


In most industrialised nations, the common perceived benefit of working a government job is, well, the benefits. Many government jobs carry with them attractive work and holiday schedules. For starters, you’ll get all government and public holidays off, which might not be the case if you were to work in the private sector. Working in government also often requires you to be part of a union, which can have a few drawbacks, but ultimately helps you negotiate a fair salary and looks after your interests. Plus, there is always room for progression and promotions.

Strike a Balance

As mentioned earlier, a flexible schedule is often easier to find in the public sector rather than in the private one. This helps employees find a good balance between their work and personal lives. Whether that means taking more holidays or spending more time with your family. Better maternity leave packages, and in some cases, paternity leave, are often easier to come by in the public sector as well. Overtime pay is also often more prevalent in government jobs too. So if you are a “workaholic,” you’re likely to see some serious financial reward and career progression as a result of your drive in a government position.

Job Security

It is a frighteningly frequent occurrence that when reading the news, you see article after article telling you that company ‘X’ has laid off thousands of employees or retailer ‘Y’ has shut down a dozen stores. Job security can be difficult to obtain these days. No matter how hard you work, external circumstances can conspire against you to create a situation in which you might lose your job through no fault of your own. Government jobs are, of course, not immune to economic downturns and budget constraints, but there isn’t the same ever-pressing impetus to turn a profit and keep things in the green. As such, a government employee is less likely to suffer the wrath of layoffs as somebody who works for a private company.

The Importance of Helping Others

The advantages of government jobs are not always tangible. Perhaps the greatest positive is in fact intangible. At the risk of sounding like idealists here, working in the public sector gives you opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of others. Governments work for the greater good for all of society. By ensuring quality education, you help people for life. By maintaining parkland, you’re helping the environment and wildlife for the future. Then, it’s only a matter of time before you’re guaranteeing free transport and a host of other things. Well, maybe. One step at a time.

Go for it!

After all you’ve read, what do you think? If you think finding work in the public sector might be the right decision for you, then go for it! You can start by clicking here.

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