6 reasons you should study a marketing qualification

By Michael Crump | 13 December 2017

Choosing what to study can be a very large and important decision. If you have a strong and clear passion in life, that’s great, but it’s not as simple for all of us. The last thing you want to do is to spend your time and money studying something only to realise in the end that it’s not something you enjoy or there are no job opportunities. So, you want to choose something that will give you both job prospects and a rewarding career.

If you’re looking to get into something related to business and advertising, then marketing might be the best choice for you. Are you wondering if you should pursue a marketing qualification or training? Here are 6 reasons why you should decide ‘yes.’

#1: Versatility is a virtue

One the greatest advantages of gaining a qualification in marketing is that it can open plenty of doors for you. The talents and knowledge required to be a good marketer are applicable in many different fields.

After getting your marketing qualification, you could be considered for a job in a plethora of fields, including: advertising, social media marketing, brand management, and any number of sub-categories of marketing (international, digital, direct, etc.). The avenues down which you can travel with a marketing qualification are nearly limitless and the skills you learn both in getting your qualification and working on the job can help you in any number of other positions.

#2: Always in demand

Marketing departments are an important focus of most product or service oriented companies. This has been true for decades and it’s as true now as it has ever been. The number of successful major companies who do not heavily invest in marketing can probably be counted on one hand. Essentially, every company, product, or brand needs a marketing strategy to make the public aware of their goods or services, and as such there are always corporations looking to hire people with marketing backgrounds. You could be one of those people!

As an added bonus, you can also combine marketing with your own interests or hobbies. If you’re an avid gamer, you can look to join the marketing team of a video game developer. Or say, you like the outdoors and physical activity. You can combine your knowledge of these pursuits with your marketing diploma to make yourself an attractive candidate for companies that make mountain bikes, tents, canoes, or anything else outdoors-men enjoy. With a marketing diploma, you’ll have qualifications for an in demand position that you could couple with other personal pursuits.

#3: Room for advancement

When you first graduate, you’ll likely have to work as an intern or in a less-than-glamorous entry level position, like many of us do. But unlike the apprentice blacksmith at the Renaissance fair, you probably won’t have to wait too long before you can start moving up.

Navigating the corporate ladder can be difficult for all of us, but at least with a marketing degree, you know your knowledge and experience can be an asset in a variety of different positions, which can make you an attractive candidate for promotion. Furthermore, many major corporations have large marketing departments (or, teams) that may employ from the bottom (interns) all the way up to the top (vice presidents of marketing). This at least tells you that if you work hard, there will always be opportunities to progress.

#4: Enhance your skills

One of the qualities of marketers that make them versatile is that they need to possess many different skills to be successful. A qualification in marketing requires you to possess high-levels of communication proficiency, and communication skills are some of the most sought after qualities in the business world.

Forget just business, there’s no job in the world in which good communication abilities are not an asset. So, by studying marketing and enhancing your aptitude for communication, you’re giving yourself a valuable tool in your employment arsenal – regardless of what job you may secure.

#5: You can reach and inspire many people

To be successful in marketing, you must have a certain level of creativity and imagination. It’s not all just advertising rates and graphs on market penetration. You’ll get a chance to let your creative side out and what’s more, you’ll get a chance to reach many different people. We’ve probably all had an idea to write something down and communicate it with the masses (a movie, a novel, a letter to the editor).

But while only four people may have ever followed your blog detailing your unsuccessful dating life, the right marketing campaign for the right company can reach millions. We’re not talking in a cynical, “buy this, give us your money” way; marketing campaigns can legitimately move and inspire people. Have a look at The Creative Elite’s 21 Most Inspiring Ad Campaigns.

#6: A bright future

One of the most exciting aspects of marketing is how it has adapted to technological advances and how it might adopt new technologies in the future. The fledgling sector of mobile marketing is already big business and the ways in which big data (massive amounts of information gleaned from expansive market research) is being used is downright fascinating. You could be at the cutting edge of these and other new developments.

Ready for a career in Marketing?

So why not take the plunge? Those are just a few reasons why a marketing diploma could be the right one to choose. But what do you think? Is a marketing degree for you? Let us know, and if you think it might be, check out Upskilled’s range of Marketing qualifications, all available online.

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