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Alternatives to Facebook News Ban: How to keep updated with Upskilled

By Jana Angeles

Editor's note: Our Facebook page has returned to normal and posts are now visible to users. 

Last Thursday morning on February 18, Facebook removed all Australian news content in response to the proposed media bargaining code, where the government is aiming to force internet sites like Google and Facebook to pay local media organisations for content. 

Unfortunately, Facebook has made a blanket-ban on all sites that resemble news content and Upskilled's page has been affected, which means all the quality articles we share from our SkillsTalk blog has restricted users from viewing content on the social media channel.

While Facebook has banned us from making our content visible to you, we have other platforms you can follow in the meantime to keep up-to-date with our educational tips and insights. 

Upskilled LinkedIn

Similar to our Facebook page, we post our SkillsTalk articles and industry-related content on our LinkedIn page. If you're a budding professional that enjoys connecting with other people in your industry, we encourage you to create your own LinkedIn profile and give our page a follow. Share our articles and join the conversation by using hashtags. 

@upskilled Instagram

While Facebook owns Instagram, sharing newsworthy content on this channel has not been affected. Similar to what we share on our SkillsTalk blog, the content we create on Instagram is based on careers, online education and motivational tips for your studies. If you're an avid Instagram user, we encourage you to follow us to keep up with the quality content we post on this channel. 

@upskilled Twitter 

A great alternative in keeping up with the news is to create a Twitter account. Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to share their views and opinions on current events but it's also where people enjoy content that provides them with entertainment value. We continue to write short and snappy updates on the articles we share on our SkillsTalk blog through Twitter so it's worth giving us a follow. 

Subscribe to our weekly newsletter 

We send out a weekly update on all the fresh content we publish on our SkillsTalk blog. Whether you're looking to move up the career ladder or embrace a career change, our newsletter is filled with tips that can help you feel motivated in building the professional life you've dreamed of. 

In order to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, you'll need to visit our SkillsTalk blog and fill out the form situated below the featured articles. You'll need to provide us with your first name, last name and email address in order to subscribe. 


If you enjoy reading our content but choose not to have any social media channels, consider adding to your bookmarks and visit the page at your own leisure. We post new articles weekly, so you'll have access to fresh content at your fingertips. Our website is also mobile-friendly, so you'll have a seamless user experience when reading our content - either when commuting on public transport or during an afternoon slump at work. 

What will happen to Upskilled's Facebook page? 

At this stage, we're unsure when Facebook will make our content visible again, so be sure to follow our other channels to keep you in the loop: In the meantime, why not check out the great range of online courses we have available in business, community services and IT. 
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