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How COVID-19 pushed millennials to take risky career moves

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Millennials have held the long-time reputation of being ambitious, driven, career-minded individuals with a tendency to job-hop from one opportunity to the next. In the aftermath of COVID-19, however; as working from home becomes the “new norm”, and the job market grows ever-more unpredictable – the new generation seems to have a newfound hunger for “risky” career change.

As mentioned by Yahoo Finance, recent statistics show that over 1.3 million millennials (45% of Australia’s millennial workforce) are now planning to shift careers post-pandemic. It’s both an anxious, yet exciting time for many – though what exactly has spurred this boost of inspiration?

We explore the reasons for this below, and how you can set your plans for career change in motion.

Why has the pandemic pushed millennials to take career risks?

1. They’ve gathered enough stay-at-home savings.

With most employees made to work from home, plenty have managed to save on the typical, daily costs of commuting and travel. Quarantine restrictions have also pushed many to steer clear of outdoor activities, helping them save on recreational spending (i.e. eating out, attending events, going to bars, etc.).

These greater financial savings have emboldened millennials to finally take that leap of faith – whether it’s starting a new side hustle, pursuing a new industry, or even leaving the corporate world altogether. Cushioned by the safety of their bank account, the new generation can now feed their appetite for new post-pandemic experiences.

2. 2020: The year of self-reflection.

young woman deep in thought

The disruption and damage of COVID-19 (left both on the economy and its people) has shed light on just how temporary and fragile our lives truly are. Acknowledging this has inspired plenty of millennials to take greater, bigger risks; fuelled by the notion that life is, in fact, short – so we might as well go after our goals while we can.

Plenty of workers have thus taken time to reflect on their current careers, and whether their current path is worth sticking to. For many, it’s high time they’ve finally made that change.

The New York Times has labelled this the “YOLO (You Only Live Once)” economy, in which young workers are now quitting their otherwise stable jobs in the search for more fulfilling opportunities.

3. The search for greater flexibility.

The normalisation of working from home has highlighted its many benefits: greater productivity, better work-life balance, and higher satisfaction levels, to name a few. The positives of remote work have greatly outweighed any negatives, so much so that more than half of the global workforce are willing to quit their jobs if not offered post-pandemic flexibility (according to findings by EY).

Millennials, in particular, are twice as likely to quit as their “baby boomer” counterparts. This shows that the new generation of workers are ready to move to the “next normal” of corporate culture; one that allows greater autonomy and flexibility in when or where they work.

Such benefits are so highly sought after, that workplace flexibility has become a new “currency” among employers for attracting and retaining top talent.

4. The need for greater stability.

Finally, the economic upturn of COVID-19 has shone light on the instability of many industries – particularly those that rely on brick-and-mortar establishments. The pandemic has thus underlined our growing need to go digital, ensuring business stability amidst economic disruptions.

Millennial workers are now following suit, choosing to pursue more stable career paths or building their skills for a more technologically dependent future. Equipping themselves with a skillset that’s both in-demand and persistent in an online landscape can help secure their career opportunities, despite widespread market turmoil.

What is an entrepreneurship course?

young man working on a project

Those looking to pursue their own business venture, though have little skills and experience, can kickstart their hustle with a course in entrepreneurship. Such training dives into the necessary management and marketing know-how for business success, exploring both the technical and soft skills involved. Upskilled currently offers their own course in the area through their BSB40320 - Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business.

BSB40320 - Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business

Upskilled’s 18-month entrepreneurship course is an ideal starting point for those seeking to build their skills in business communication, leadership, and executive management.

What do you learn in the course?

Students will explore the fundamentals of setting up new ventures, including developmental and financial planning, business research, and legal management. The course also focuses on critical soft skills such as exercising emotional intelligence, complex problem-solving, nurturing business relationships, and communicating new business proposals. Upon completing the program, students should have a newfound entrepreneurial confidence for launching, marketing, and growing their own enterprise.

What are the course fees?

While the regular retail price of the course is $4,750 AUD, those who pay upfront receive a 15% discount, leading to a total cost of $4,040.

Alternatively, individuals can also spread the cost through Zip Pay, leading to weekly payments of $46 AUD (interest free for 24 months).

Are entrepreneurship courses worth it?

If you’re looking to leave the corporate world to pursue your own business dreams, then an entrepreneurship course is worth it to get you started. Alongside a nationally-recognised qualification, students also have the benefit of:
  • Pursuing their own business or side hustle. It’s an obvious advantage, but completing an online course in entrepreneurship can help kickstart your path as a business owner – particularly if you’ve yet to build your skills and experience. With the right training, you’ll build the foundations required to plan accordingly, communicate with the right people, and lead employees to success.
  • Learning to navigate an unpredictable job market. The business skills you build in an entrepreneurship course can help you “proof” your career for the future. In the case of workforce or economic disruption (i.e. automation, global pandemic, market crises), you’ll have your entrepreneurial savviness to investigate and pursue new and greater business opportunities.
  • Building on their creativity and problem-solving skills. Launching a business is no easy feat, and often requires a certain degree of innovative, critical thinking. Entrepreneurial training can help you exercise these personal skills as you navigate the what’s, why’s, where’s, and how’s of building a venture, product, or service from scratch.
  • Enhancing their transferable soft skills. Growing a business relies on marketing and communication – and plenty of it. A quality training program will thus bolster these soft skills, helping you make the right connections when building your business; and equipping you with transferable skills for any field or industry.
  • Developing grit and persistence. As a course that equips you for self-employment, you’ll explore plenty of areas that challenge your self-drive and motivation. Perhaps your communication skills need polishing, or you lack a creative enough idea. By building on your strengths and improving your weaknesses, you can build the sustained passion and persistence for long-term achievement.

Ready to make that career change?

The pandemic has taught us many lessons – though if there’s one that’s resonated with millennial workers, it’s that life’s too short to stay in a job you hate.

Take a leap of faith and pursue the venture, hustle, and business idea you’ve always wanted through a course in entrepreneurship and management. With Upskilled’s certificate program, you’ll explore both the operations and developmental side of business; alongside skills in forming professional relationships and leadership. Best of all, the course is delivered online – helping you structure your training around personal needs and schedule.

Set those business plans in motion, and enquire with us on a course today.
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