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The 7 benefits of online training for employees

By Ben Madden

If you’re a business that’s looking to help increase employee retention and engagement, especially with The Great Resignation phenomenon occurring, then providing your employees with online training may prove to be hugely beneficial. 

SH!FT found that e-learning increases learning retention rates by between 25% and 60%, so it’s an effective learning method for helping your workforce shape their careers, while freeing up employers to continue to grow your company. 

Read on to learn more about how online training can benefit both you and your employees!

How does online training work?

Online training can be similar to face-to-face training when it comes to enrolment, but it differs greatly when it comes to the delivery of the course. Upskilled provides online training courses for a range of industries, with multiple levels of qualifications available.

When an employee enrols in an Upskilled course, they are assigned a trainer that will provide support and guidance to students along the way. If your employees have any questions, they can keep in regular contact with their trainer via email.

To facilitate the learning, Upskilled uses an interactive, secure e-Learning platform called MyUpskilled.

MyUpskilled offers study materials to be accessible 24/7, as well as get unlimited access to’s video training library, discussion boards, webinars and a a dedicated trainer/student messaging system. This is also where assignments are submitted, with detailed feedback provided to every student.

This secure e-Learning platform is the central hub for completing online training with Upskilled and means employees can go to the same place to complete the entirety of their training. 

The benefits of online training for employees

Helping your employees complete further training once they start working with your company is an ideal way to demonstrate that you’re invested in their progression and professional development.

There are many benefits to providing online training to your workforce, and we’ve put together some of the benefits that may be most relevant to you and your employee!

1. Employees get access to real-time feedback.

In an ideal world,  employees would be receiving regular feedback on their work from employers. However, time constraints mean that this is not always possible.

In 2018, the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics found that companies with fewer than 100 employees only provided 12 minutes of manager training every six months, while organisations with 100-500 employees provided just six minutes of manager training every six months. 

Online training is a great way for employees to get real-time feedback from industry specialists that can not only help them address any shortcomings in their work but highlight areas for further improvement.

2. Employees have ongoing access to learning resources.

Looking for a central hub for your employees to access relevant knowledge? Online training is a great way to help employees develop a personal library of learning resources that they can refer back to when needed. Upskilled’s online training courses provide resources that can be utilised as needed, so employees can double-check any knowledge required to solve a complex problem or navigate a particularly intricate situation. 

3. Employees get a safe environment for learning.

It can be daunting to admit that you don’t know something when you’re in the workplace, especially if you’re just starting out. Thankfully, online training provides a secure environment to discuss any gaps in knowledge with a trainer, who can help employees fill in those gaps, and turn potential weaknesses into strengths. 

4. Employees experience greater job confidence.

woman working on laptop looking happy

If you’re noticing that employees are struggling in high-pressure scenarios, chances are that their confidence levels may be lacking. A refresher course might just be the thing that employees need to get back on track and perform at their best. 

Many online training courses can be completed in a matter of weeks/months, ensuring that employees are able to gain job-ready skills and implement them immediately into their daily routines.

5. Helps keep employees’ industry knowledge current. 

If your employees are regularly completing online training, then they’ll be kept up to date with the latest products and procedures emerging in your industry. This is especially important if you’re in a technology-focused industry, as current knowledge can help give your business an edge over your competition. 

6. Provides consistent skills to your workforce.

When employees start with a new company, their performance is often dictated by their previous experiences and competencies. This can impact their initial experiences with your company. 

However, if employees complete the same online training once they commence with your company, then employees are more likely to develop similar skill sets, while retaining their previous experiences and abilities. It’s a great way to ensure people are better able to collaborate, while maintaining the unique traits that set them apart from their colleagues.

7. Fits the lifestyle of your employees.

Are your employees working from home? Online training means they can learn from the comfort of their home, while completing the same training as their colleagues. Flexibility is increasingly looking likely to be key when it comes to the future of work globally, so it’s important that the training you’re providing to your employees accommodates different lifestyles and working arrangements.

Ready to level up your employees and unlock workforce potential? 

Upskilled’s range of nationally recognised qualifications can help transform your workforce and provide them with job-ready skills to help your business achieve its objectives. 

You can find out more about the courses that Upskilled provides here, or alternatively, reach out to Upskilled’s education consultants on 1300 009 924 to speak about what online training courses might best suit your employees’ needs!
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