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5 reasons why you should take a break in between jobs

By Ashleigh Ho

Starting the next gig immediately after finishing an old job is typical for many people. But have you ever considered taking a break in between jobs? Doing this can be a great opportunity to consider different employment options, gain new skills, or to just decompress and relax.

Here are some tips on how you can take advantage of a break in between jobs.

How long should you have off between jobs?

No one’s journey in between jobs is the same. People can take anywhere between one week to a few years off. To determine how long you should take a break, you will need to consider your personal circumstances. Think about:

Your financials

Taking a break from work means that you may lose steady income. It’s good to remember that your previous job may pay any leftover leave out to you, meaning that you may have some extra income to use from there. Creating a budget can help you determine how you can live comfortably while taking a break.

Your personal wellbeing

Many people leave their job feeling many different emotions. Some may feel burned out, stressed or unhappy after exiting a job. It’s important to take the appropriate amount of time off so that you feel refreshed and ready when you do enter your next position.

Other opportunities

Taking a break off work can give you the chance to think about other career pathways you’d like to take. You can also use the time to take up further study or explore jobs that aren’t necessarily in your industry. You can also look into volunteering opportunities or travelling abroad.

Is it okay to take a break from a job?

People can be afraid to take a break in-between jobs due to many different reasons. Some are worried about losing their stable income. Others are concerned that a gap in their CV will negatively affect their career prospects. There are also some people who may not take break because they think they’ve changed careers too many times and feel ‘behind’ their peers. 
But it is absolutely okay to take a break from a job. In fact, it’s not as uncommon as people think. Many individuals tend to take at least a one week break in between jobs. Additionally, taking time off comes with the added benefits of having more free time to organise your personal life and unwind. It also gives you time to reflect on your previous position, and help you consider what you’re looking for in your new job.
Worried about your future employment? If you are concerned about a gap in your CV affecting your career prospects, always remember that you are not the first person to take a break. At your interview, be honest about why you took time off between jobs. Most employers understand that people are human and need to take time off work.

What to do when you’re in between jobs?

  1. Relax
  2. Build your skills
  3. Travel
  4. Try new hobbies
  5. Focus on your personal life
There’s no wrong way to spend your time off. There are plenty of things you can do in between jobs:

1. Relax

Taking a break in between jobs gives you the opportunity to chill out and relax. You don’t have to do a thing. So, switch on that TV series you’ve been meaning to watch, have a sleep in, or go for a stroll. Relaxing will help you go into your new job feeling refreshed.

2. Build your skills

Time off between jobs is a great opportunity to build skills to boost future employment. Completing a course such as certificate or diploma can not only help you gain vital experience for career but can also help you get promoted to higher positions. Did you know that at Upskilled, we offer nationally recognised qualifications in business, information technology and community services?   

3. Travel

As Covid restrictions start to ease, it may be a good idea to travel around Australia or abroad. Travelling can help build global skills that many international companies desire. It’s also just a really fun thing to do when you have no other commitments. 

4. Try some new hobbies

Want to pick up a new sport? Or perhaps you prefer throwing clay? Giving a new hobby a go is a good way to take the monotony out of your day. It’s also a great way to meet others with similar interests and pick up skills that you’re passionate about. You can also use your time to re-engage with an old hobby – dust off the piano or pull out the old paints.

5. Focus on your personal life

Taking a break in between jobs can give you more time to spend with friends or family. Use the time to reconnect with your grandparents, hang out with friends or play with the kids. 
Taking a break in between jobs can have many benefits and can help you grow both personally and professionally. If you’re looking to build your skills during your time off, head over to Upskilled today and check out the courses we have on offer.  
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