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How to Kickstart a Career in Salesforce

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Maintaining quality customer service and business operations has never been easier through the advent of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Such tools help companies foster strong customer-business bonds, while at the same time maintaining the efficiency of their services. 

Leading the rise of such technology is Salesforce – a go-to for organisations of all industries across the globe, helping them manage their sales, marketing strategies, analytics, and customer relationships with greater ease.

Below, we explore exactly what Salesforce is, the most in-demand jobs of this tech today, and how you can get started in this lucrative, in-demand sector yourself. 

What is Salesforce? 

Considered the “#1 (CRM) platform”, Salesforce is a tool that centralizes all activity from your marketing, sales, commerce, and IT teams; streamlining business communications and ensuring efficient customer service.  

The platform also provides helpful features such as data analytics, providing business owners or department managers an overview of company performance, sales, and customer trends. Additionally, you’ll also have access to tools that can help land more business prospects (i.e. automated personalised outreach) as well as help you close more business deals. 

With its many operational advantages, those with the skills to leverage Salesforce will often find plenty of high salaries and benefits offered in this domain – making it an attractive path for those seeking a career in tech. 

What jobs are most in demand in Salesforce?

Salesforce administrator 
Salesforce administrators are hired to configure the platform based on certain business requirements. They work closely with stakeholders to pinpoint areas for customisation, helping optimise the platform according to their needs. This allows users to make the most out of Salesforce’s tools and leverage them to best meet company goals. 

Daily tasks in this role typically involve regular maintenance (or optimisation) of the platform, applying new security updates, providing user support, and providing actionable data analytics. Salesforce administration currently stands as one of the most in-demand skills of this domain, with an average salary of $99K AUD per year (according to Indeed statistics). 

Salesforce consultant
Those with a technical expertise in Salesforce, though lean more towards client-facing roles, may fare best in the career of a Salesforce consultant. These professionals focus on helping companies benefit from Salesforce by understanding their needs and ensuring all implementation of this technology aligns best with their requirements. They assist with both the planning and deployment stages of Salesforce adoption, and help further improve productivity by providing ongoing system improvements.

Not only is a thorough knowledge of Salesforce required for this role, but excellent communication and interpersonal skills as well – as you’ll spend most of your time handling relations with stakeholders and providing the necessary platform training and support.

According to Indeed, Salesforce consultants in Australia earn an average of $119K AUD per year. 

Salesforce project manager
When it comes to rolling out new features, applications, or tools under Salesforce; project managers in this field ensure all such implementations are carried out in an efficient, timely manner. They oversee these projects from development to deployment, ensuring they’re completed within scope and budget. Regular risk assessments, metric tracking, and communication among stakeholders are also typical duties of those in this role. 

Salesforce project managers must thus have a thorough knowledge of Salesforce technologies, products, and services; along with a deep understanding of project management principles and practices. They must also possess strong leadership skills and excellent interpersonal abilities. 

According to Indeed, the average Salesforce project manager in Australia earns about $206K AUD per year. 

Salesforce developer
Salesforce developers use the platform to create apps, tools, and other software to help meet one’s business needs. The type of programs they build will depend on the specific company or industry they work for – Salesforce apps built for a banking organisation, for instance, will likely differ from those developed for a healthcare company.  
Day-to-day duties in this role will likely include regular communication with clients to understand their specific CRM needs, developing Salesforce applications according to user requirements, testing these applications for any potential issues, and improving their functionalities as necessary. 

Based on Indeed statistics, the average Salesforce developer in Australia earns about $122K AUD per year. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud engineer 
Lastly, those with the skills to best leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud for business are among the most sought-after professionals in this domain. This feature specifically focuses on providing a CRM platform that allows Salesforce users to best manage marketing relationships and campaigns with their customers. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud engineers are thus hired to implement, configure, and maintain this platform according to client requirements. Using its features, they are typically tasked with leading projects related to e-mail, web, and mobile campaigns. They may also oversee, analyse, and report e-mail activity through tools such as Journey Builder or Email Studio. 

To succeed in this role, extensive marketing and cloud computing experience is a must – on top of Salesforce expertise. These professionals earn an average salary of around $75K AUD per year, according to Glassdoor reports.

How do I find Salesforce job listings? 

If you’re seeking out job opportunities in Salesforce, their official site provides a “Talent Community” for aspiring professionals to keep tabs on the latest job opening and company news. This can offer you convenient, first-hand updates on the newest roles available – with the option to even be contacted by Salesforce Recruiting if they find any open positions that best match your skills and interests. 

Alternatively, popular job boards such as Indeed or SEEK are great go-to resources for getting started on your job search. Updated daily, these websites currently host a generous number of Salesforce-related job openings across Australia – with SEEK boasting as much as 1,900+ results. 

Lastly, aspiring Salesforce professionals can also turn to LinkedIn for potential new opportunities in the field. The platform not only functions as a resource for job hunters (with ads for new internships and positions posted on the regular) but also as an effective social media tool for connecting with employers and peers in the sector. You never know – the start of your Salesforce career may just be a private message away. 

Of course, it help to boost your chances of employment (as well as landing higher salaries) through the appropriate skills training. Consider taking up a course, a bootcamp, or certification in your desired Salesforce specialty, helping you reskill and build the required knowledge to stand out in the job market. Plenty of programs are also now available online, helping you train at a time, pace, and place that suits you best. 

Upskilled currently offers such training through our SL-SFCAAB - Salesforce Certification  (Administrator & App Builder) program; a short course designed to equip you with the fundamentals of administration and app creation on the Salesforce platform.

Students will delve into critical areas of data management, work flows, security, deployments and more – and gain the knowledge they need to pursue and pass the Salesforce Administrator and/or Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exams. 

Stay ahead of the curve with these skills today, and enquire with us on the course. 

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