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The future of IT and business careers in Australia research

By Michael Crump | 28 March 2018

Imagine if you could have a crystal ball that looked into the future of your career. What would it look like and more importantly, how would you use this new power?

While you might not be so lucky to have this ability to see into the future, we can predict what the future of certain jobs and industries might be with the available data. Enter our latest research, the Future of IT and Business Careers in Australia.

We put the magnifying glass on both the Business and IT Industries in Australia to predict what's in-store for the employees and jobs in these industries. Through publicly made data and information, we've compiled everything you need to know and how to use this information to your advantage - just like if you had that proverbial crystal ball. 

According to a Deloitte Access Economics report, the IT sector is one of the biggest contributors to Australia’s national economy and there are over 400,000 people currently working in the technology field, Australia wide. The influence of IT will be made especially prevalent with the high probability of automation projected for almost 40% of Australian jobs in the next ten to fifteen years. 

With an impressive projected growth rate of around 14,000 new employees a year between now and 2020, it isn’t a bad time to be entering the IT industry. These high growth figures see it included in the second largest growth sector (the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector) in Australia which is expected to add over a combined 50,000 jobs a year till 2020.  

Acknowledging that both industries are not only huge contributors to the Australian economy, but also very dynamic industries is important and recognising how to navigate them and how to seize the opportunities that may be present is key to utilising this research.

So even if you’ve worked in either industry for years or are just starting out in your career, it's worth getting up to speed with the current trends, finding out where the projected growth areas are and what innovations to expect. Having this knowledge and putting it to use for your advantage is where you'll get value out of this eBook. 

To find out about what employees can expect and how job seekers can best position themselves in these dynamic industries with the the full report here.

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