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Upskilled - An Official Microsoft Learning Partner

By Vanessa Ciabatti

With the rapid wave of digital advancements and demands, upskilling your workforce has become an increasingly essential strategy. A recent study by Robert Half highlights this, revealing how 49% of employers are now approached by staff with requests for further professional training and development. Among those who provided such training, 81% agreed that it boosted their team’s overall productivity.

Upskilled has sought to address these demands and are now an official Microsoft Learning partner, offering a wide range of online courses aimed to help employees gain the skills they need in our ever-changing business landscape.  

Building skills for the future: Upskilled Tech Academy

To help your workforce stay at the forefront of innovation, we’ve recently launched Upskilled Tech Academy – your trusted leader in providing flexible training solutions for businesses across industries. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of domains, including Information Technology (IT), Professional Development, Process Management, and Microsoft Applications.

Why Upskilled?

Our organisation takes pride in over a decade of excellence, having gained acclaim throughout the education sector through our highly-tailored learning design and up-to-date technology training. With certified industry experts to help guide the way, we ensure every student is given a comprehensive training experience and the highest quality education.   

Delivering flexible training

Upskilled Tech Academy recognizes that the diversity of businesses demands training solutions as unique as the companies themselves. We offer a varying range of flexible study modes to help meet these needs, while ensuring the same quality of industry-relevant training:
  1. Classroom Training: Immerse teams in interactive, hands-on sessions led by seasoned instructors, fostering collaborative learning.
  2. Hybrid Training: Seamlessly blend seminar-style sessions with virtual classes, providing a balanced mix of in-person engagement and remote accessibility, adaptable to team size.
  3. Online Training: Catered to individuals or small groups, this mode offers expert-led, self-paced learning for flexible, outcome-driven skill development.

Stay ahead of the curve through Microsoft Training

In today’s business world, proficiency in Microsoft technologies is not just an asset, it’s a necessity. Whether it’s learning to leverage productivity applications or reaping the benefits of cloud computing, a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft tools can enhance workplace efficiency and ensures adaptability in our constantly evolving tech environment.

Recognising this, Upskilled Tech Academy has launched an extensive range of Microsoft courses in collaboration with Microsoft itself. These courses cover a spectrum of skills, from the fundamentals of Microsoft 365 to more role-based areas such as Azure security or database administration. By partnering with us, your employees can proactively stay ahead of rapid technological changes, keeping their skillsets competitive with industry-relevant training. Seize the opportunity to arm your workplace with practical, future-proof skills in Microsoft and explore the range of courses we currently have on offer.

Featured courses on Azure

Our partnership with Microsoft offers an array of Azure-related training courses designed to equip individuals and businesses in the realm of cloud computing. For those starting their journey into the Azure ecosystem, fundamental programs cover the basics of Azure AI, Azure Data, and general Azure fundamentals – providing a solid foundation for understanding the platform’s capabilities.

Delving deeper, Upskilled Tech Academy offers role-based courses tailored to specific professional paths. From data science and DevOps to security and network engineering, these courses are designed to enhance specialised skillsets crucial in today’s tech-driven workplaces. Additionally, specialty courses such as the Azure Virtual Desktop Speciality and Azure Cosmos DB Developer Speciality cater to those seeking expertise in niche areas, granting them a competitive edge.

Featured courses on security

Upskilled Tech Academy also aims to equip teams with the skills needed to protect their business against digital threats. Our comprehensive suite of Microsoft security courses include foundational courses covering the essential pillars of security, compliance, and identity, providing a robust understanding of the main elements crucial for securing organisational assets.

For those seeking to specialise in cybersecurity, role-based courses dive into specific domains such as cyber security architecture, identity and access administration, and security analysis. These courses not only equip employees with the knowledge to navigate complex security environments but also contribute significantly to the overall resilience and integrity of a business.

Featured courses on Microsoft applications

Finally, Upskilled Tech Academy has a wide spectrum of Microsoft application courses on offer, designed to elevate the Microsoft proficiencies of your team and enhance the overall operational efficiency of your business. Fundamentals courses cover the essentials of Power Platform, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365, ensuring a holistic understanding of these widely used applications.

For those aspiring to specific roles, we also offer role-based courses tailored to positions such as a Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate, Power Platform Solution Architect Expert, Teams Administrator Associate, and more. These courses not only provide in-depth knowledge but also equip employees with the practical skills needed to navigate and optimize these applications in their respective roles. By enrolling in these Microsoft application courses, individuals contribute to streamlined workflows, improved collaboration, and increased productivity, ultimately driving organizational success in our digitally interconnected business world.

Empower your team with Upskilled Tech Academy

Keep pace with the digital age through a Microsoft partner like Upskilled Tech Academy, where flexible training meets the diverse needs of today’s businesses. Our experts are ready to help guide you towards your unique goals for skill development, with learning experiences tailored to your situation.

Explore our comprehensive study paths and selection of Microsoft courses by accessing our brochure on Upskilled Tech Academy to discover the best training solutions for your organisation, get in touch with our team today.

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