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How to improve web development skills

By Ben Madden

Looking for a career in web development, but not sure how to improve your skills? You’re in luck. A career in web development can be very rewarding, and as more and more businesses look to amplify their presence in the online sphere, it’s a role that will stay in high demand. 

Read on to learn more about the importance of web development, as well as how the ICT30120 - Certificate III in Information Technology - Focus on Web Development can help you build your web development skills!

Why is web development so important?

  • Gives businesses the ability to share their products/services with the world.
  • Businesses maintain ownership of their website.
  • Flexible work arrangements are available as a website developer.
  • Web development is a rewarding career path. 
Web development is so important as it gives businesses the ability to share their products/services with the world. The pandemic highlighted just how important an effective online presence is, and 58.4% of Internet users buy something online every week, according to Datareportal. 

When businesses invest in good web development, they’re able to maintain ownership of their website, continue to produce great website content, monitor their analytics and make decisions based on who’s visiting their website and much more. A report from Forrester found that better UX design can increase conversions by up to 400%, so a proficient web developer is a worthwhile investment for any business.

From a professional perspective, a career in web development gives you the flexibility to work with a range of companies. Whether you’re looking for an in-house or agency role, or you want to work on a freelance basis, being able to implement proper web development practices means that you can pick and choose who you work with on different projects. 

It’s a career that can prove to be very rewarding, especially if you’re someone that is drawn towards helping companies improve their presence in the digital realm. 

What are skills required for web development?

web development concept

There are a range of skills that are required to succeed in the world of web development. As technology and best practices evolve, you’ll need to ensure you’re keeping up-to-date with different coding languages, software stacks and more. 

Some of the technical knowledge and skills that are important for a web developer include: 
  • Responsive design skills
  • Testing and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to code using HTML/CSS 
  • Cyber security knowledge
  • Ability to code using JavaScript 
  • Ability to understand back-end developers
  • Knowledge of search engine optimisation

However, while having a high level of knowledge of technology is great, there are also some intangible, transferable skills that you’ll want to ensure you’re working on, as well. After all, people want to work with someone that can make a real difference in all aspects of a business!

Some of the most important transferable/intangible skills you’ll need to become a web developer include:
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to work logically
  • The ability to communicate technical concepts 
  • The ability to solve complex problems
  • The ability to troubleshoot 
  • The ability to understand the end user

Much like in any workplace, your best chance for success is to work on both sets of skills in tandem, rather than prioritising one over the other. Whether you’re currently working in a web development-adjacent role, or you’re looking to make the switch, then having the confidence in your abilities will set you up for success. 

However, it’s equally important to recognise when you may need to build on your current skill set, which is why looking into further study makes sense for many people, especially if you’re making the leap from an industry that’s quite different to the world of web development!

How to improve your web development skills

If you’re someone that has some of these skills and you’re looking to build on them, or you’re wanting to start moving towards a career in web development, then further study may prove to be very beneficial. 

There are a range of web development courses out there, each designed for a slightly different audience, so it’s important to know what you’re looking to get out of a course before you enrol.

When you’re deciding on what course you’d like to complete to improve your skills, you should look for a course that:
  • Involves practical assessments
  • Teaches job-ready skills, rather than relying on theory
  • Teaches transferable skills, as well as providing job-specific knowledge
  • Gives you the chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals 

Upskilled’s ICT30120 - Cert III in Information Technology (Web Development) has been specifically designed to provide both ICT fundamentals and web development-specific skills, so you can work towards becoming a web developer or a web designer. 

Upskilled’s courses are taught online, and are flexible, so they can suit your lifestyle if you’re someone with other commitments, or you’re someone that’s already actively working. 

Throughout the course, you’ll work on being able to complete tasks like:
  • Building simple web pages
  • Producing web-ready digital images
  • Evaluating cloud computing solutions and services
  • Identifying and reporting online security threats

You’ll also work on your collaborative abilities, improve your creativity and learn to think critically to solve complex problems. It’s a course that can lead you down the path of becoming a web developer, but these skills can also be applied in other aspects of the workforce if your interests change down the track! 

Interested in a career in web development, or just want to learn more skills to help you thrive in the workplace? Enquire about Upskilled's ICT30120 - Certificate III in Information Technology (Web Development and find out how it can help you kickstart your web development career. 
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