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Why marketing skills are needed for any business

By Fi Darby | 20 August 2018

In recent statistics, it was found that there were 87,400 Australians directly employed in the ‘Advertising and Marketing’ sector but this doesn’t paint the whole picture of the importance of marketing to Australia’s economy or fully explain why marketing skills are important. The Deloitte 2018 ‘Future of Work’ report suggests that the true size of Australia’s marketing workforce in 2016-2017 was 269,000. With marketing advice and marketing skills, particularly digital marketing skills, gaining importance across all industries and services, Australia can expect a rise in demand for employees with a marketing qualification.

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Below are the top three growth industries in Australia’s marketing sector:

Health care marketing

The job role of ‘Health and Welfare Services Managers’ is predicted growth of 28.2% in the 5 years to 2022 and currently attracts average weekly salaries of more than $1,650. Business models across international health care are changing and, as the Australian government seeks to save money through deregulation, and the aging of the population continues, competition is set to increase, bringing with it an increased requirement for effective marketing.

Education and training marketing

The job role of ‘Early Childhood Teachers’ is predicted growth of 26.4% in the 5 years to 2022 and currently attracts average weekly salaries of between $951 and $1,100. Increases in preschool funding and universal access to early education are likely to lead to a boom in early education enrolment numbers. With over 6,800 long day care centres across Australia, marketing skills in this industry are going to be of paramount importance.

Accommodation and food services marketing

The job role of ‘Conference and Event Organisers’ is predicted growth of 21.0% in the 5 years to 2022 and currently attracts average weekly salaries of between $1,101 and $1,350. Hospitality marketing has always needed to be at the vanguard of social media and technological advancements and the need to stay ahead of consumer trends has a huge impact on the delivery of marketing advice. Understanding the joint impact of visual media such as Instagram and review-based media such as TripAdvisor, as well as being well placed to react to analytics are key routes to hospitality business success.

Integrated marketing skills will be in high demand

As the importance of marketing has continually increased over the years, many therefore predict significant growth in job roles with marketing as the primary aim. However, there is also expected growth in roles which support marketing, particularly those centred on data analysis and campaign value.

Key discrete marketing roles include,

  • CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) – maintains marketing strategy for larger organisations
  • Content and Copy Writer – creates SEO optimised web copy
  • Social Coordinator – coordinates a range of social media accounts
  • Brand Manager – ensures services and communications align with customer requirements

Digital marketing in Australia has been on the rise for some time and is now an essential element of all marketing roles. The importance of marketing to business success is now highlighted by the inclusion of marketing skills in a wider variety of job roles, for example,

  • Digital Performance Coordinator – works with data analytics to improve marketing validity
  • SEO/PPC specialist – creates and monitors online strategies
  • Campaign analyst – customer profiling, key business reporting and post campaign analysis

Marketing and technology working hand-in-hand

With disruptive technologies coming thick and fast, changes in marketing strategies are being experienced across all industries.

Marketing skills and technology knowhow now go hand in hand and anyone delivering marketing advice will also need to be well-equipped with the latest information technology tools. As online customer behaviour has now become an important source for extracting significant marketing data, data analytics has become the key method of monitoring digital marketing campaigns.  When you add to this the rise of artificial intelligence to improve product recommendations, it is clear that business success is now down to a combination of technological and marketing skills.

man using smartphone

One 2015 Economist Intelligence Unit survey suggested that 40% of marketing executives reported a requirement for digital engagement and technology skills. This number can only rise and questions over why marketing skills are important should now also address the relationship between technology and marketing.

The further benefits of higher-level marketing skills

As can be seen above, the number and complexity of marketing job roles is growing and swayed by technological advancements. This tendency has led to an increase in the importance of marketing skills across all management-level posts. It is essential to understand why marketing skills are important for businesses and the job market as a whole, such as these key benefits below:

  • Marketing skills contribute to business success because they allow for insight into customer behaviour and marketing campaign results. In short, they allow you to know your market.
  • Marketing skills give you the edge over other job candidates because they make you more aware of industry developments and predictions.
  • Marketing skills encourage you to base your decision-making on solid, data-informed analytics and realities rather than abstract ideas.
  • Marketing skills will allow you to deliver precise and identifiable results based on real-life impact.

Marketing training

Whether you’re interested in sharpening your competitive edge within your current industry or moving towards a career in marketing, it is easier than ever to gain relevant and up-to-the-minute marketing skills.

business woman organising marketing on phone

In a dynamic industry, it is important to understand not only why marketing skills are important, but also which marketing training is right for you. Marketing-based careers are varied and dynamic, particularly for those willing to invest their time in gaining online marketing qualifications. However, it’s not just the budding marketeers who need to take notice of the growing importance of marketing, especially marketing in the digital space. Understanding marketing methods and marketing advice is key to business success across all management roles.

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