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Centre Manager

Find out how to become a centre manager in the community services sector. Discover information on salary, growth, stability and occupational expectations.

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The current average salary of an Centre Manager is $94,200 - 128,500 annually


What does a Centre Manager do? 

Centre managers are responsible for planning, organising, and coordinating the daily professional operations of their business. Read more about the community services industry.

What skills do you need to be a Centre Manager? 

Centre managers have excellent leadership, delegation, and communication skills, with a drive to meet business goals and a strong understanding of customer service.

  • Good with monitoring/evaluating the services their business provides, ensuring they are up to standard
  • Innovative mindset; able to come up with creative solutions and implement new ideas
  • Are “people-persons”, have excellent interpersonal skills and a good understanding of customer service
  • Able to train and supervise staff
  • Have clerical skills as well as people skills; for manging files, records, and other word processing-related tasks
  • Good with delegating and coordinating tasks among workers

How to become a Centre Manager 

If you're interested in becoming a Centre Manager, you'll typically need a bachelor's degree qualification related to the community services field.

We recommend studying a CHC52015 - Diploma of Community Services as a starter qualification as it can help you develop valuable transferable skills such as the ability to work autonomously, conflict resolution and complex problem-solving. 

You'll also learn how to undertake project work, manage budgets and financial plans, as well as implement community development strategies. 
You need resilience and communication skills. You also need to learn how to work in a team and independently, and be able to use your discretion.
Industry Q&A: Community Services with Tom Conley
, President & Executive Managing Director
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Centre manager facts

Most centre managers in the Community Services sector are found in the health and social field. Here are a few key facts on the role of a centre manager.

Employment for Centre Managers is expected to grow very strongly over the next five years. From 30,700 in 2020 to 36,200 by 2025. 

  • Average Hours Worked
    44 full-time hours per week vs. all jobs average of 44 hours
  • Main Industries
    Health care and social assistance; Public administration and safety; and professional, scientific and technical services
  • Job Growth
    Expected to grow strongly over the next five years. From 30,700 in 2020 to 36,200 by 2025.

* All information on this page has been complied using figures from and the Australian Government's - all figures are indications only, and are accurate at time of publication. Please do your own research before selecting a course or career.

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