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Volunteer Manager

Find out how to become a volunteer manager in the community services sector. Discover information on salary, growth, stability and occupational expectations.

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The current average salary of an Volunteer Manager is $53,600 - 70,500 annually


What does a volunteer manager do?

Volunteer managers are responsible for the hiring, training, and supervising of volunteer staff in an organisation. Employment for this role is expected to grow very strongly to 2022, from 20,900 workers in 2017 to 24,800 by 2022. 18,000 job openings are expected over this time from workers leaving and new jobs being created.

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What skills do you need to be a volunteer manager?

Volunteer managers are in charge of a non-profit organisation’s recruitment, training, and program planning.

  • Excellent leadership skills for training and guiding staff, ensuring service mission objectives are being met
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for teaching new recruits and working well with staff and clients
  • An intrinsic passion for giving back to the community and helping others
  • Able to perform supervisory activities such as overseeing all volunteer scheduling, activities, and screening
  • Ability to exert good judgement, able to recruit new people and match them to projects suited to their skills
  • Good marketing skills for increasing their mission awareness
Learning to retrain myself to look at situations and solutions from a different perspective has also been an insightful opportunity for me to improve on the job.
Student Q&A: Lisa Fischer
, Community Services Faculty Student - Community Sector Management
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Volunteer manager quick facts

Volunteer managers have a love for supporting important social causes within their community and are determined to find the right people that can help.

  • Average Hours Worked
    36.7 full-time hours per week vs. all jobs average of 40 hours
  • Main Industries
    Health care and social assistance, public administration and safety; and other services
  • Average qualification level
    41.3% Certificate III/IV

* All information on this page has been complied using figures from payscale.com.au and the Australian Government's joboutlook.gov.au - all figures are indications only, and are accurate at time of publication. Please do your own research before selecting a course or career.

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