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Student Q&A: Alexandre Grozoubinski

IT Faculty Student - Website Development

Alexandre Grozoubinski from Frankston in Victoria is an online student who studied Website Development with Upskilled. “I worked as net developer for just over six years,” Alex explains. “Then I left that job and joined this online course with the aim of becoming more in-demand in the current job market.”

Website Development teaches students how to build and design a database and integrate that database with a website. Students also gain skills they can use in various careers such as how to use rapid application development and eXtensible mark-up language.

Remaining in demand in the workplace 

“I’ve got some current understanding of web and net technologies, but now I am learning about many things which are new for me, “ Alex explains, “such as MVC (model–view–controller, which is a software architectural pattern for implementing user interfaces on computers) as well as API (a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service) and Bootstrap, a free and open-source front-end web framework for designing websites and web applications.”  

Alex says that, “IT specialists are still required very much within the current workforce but current demand in Java programmers is higher than ASP.Net developers,” so returning to study was a wise option for him.

Learning new languages and tools 

Originally of Russian heritage, Alex takes pride in learning new languages and tools. “We can note migration to a new language, for example, Ruby (a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language) and a new framework Node.js® and non-relational database such as DB Promo.” This online student completed his course in just over a year, “As a long-term employee in ICT workforce, I have an interest in parts of .Net such as WCF and WPF development,” he explains. “I appreciated the passion and help of my Upskilled trainers and was able to learn so much during the course of my studies.”

Studying online is a flexible format. Students study at their own pace, when they choose, and can make use of learning assets as they see fit. “I was listening to lectures,” Alex says, “reading some additional papers on my subjects, and then felt ready for the implementation of my assessments.” Alex came prepared with lots of prior experience in the sector, as well as plenty of prior learning. “I have Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Math,” he explains. “After I migrated to Australia I worked for a number of companies such as IBM and CSIRO.”

Reinventing skills 

“I was able to use my knowledge in Classical VB or MS Access VBA within my early roles. The first ASP.Net applications I found myself doing was at Telstra Big Pond, then I found a job as a SQL-Server, .Net, WinForms and WEB developer for U-Nited Warranties,” a company that eventually closed its doors in 2012. However, Alex found the Australian job market quite tough, after a point. “Since that company closed down I had only few casual jobs and I was not successful when applying for roles. I was interviewed by a number of companies without success, so I returned to learning to open up my career prospects.”

Studying online was a great option for Alex, “It was very useful, exiting and I gained a lot of information,” he says. In his spare time Alex “meets with my friends for good food and (limited) drinks,” as well as enjoying a typical Russian pastime, swimming and sauna. “Among the Russian community I have reputation as being a good specialist in literature and I am also the author of two poetry books.”

Set to achieve in Information Technology 

This IT student is an all-rounder who is likely set to achieve great things in his future career. If you’d like to explore your online study options, head to Upskilled and check out the many available degrees, diplomas and certificates in information technology that are available online.

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