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Student Q&A: Alicia Puyol

BSB41515 & BSB42015 - Dual Certificate IV in Project Management Practice and Leadership and Management

Management, Project Management
Alicia Puyol is an online student from Mitcham in Victoria who recently completed the BSB41515 & BSB42015 - Dual Certificate IV in Project Management Practice and Leadership and Management. Here she shares her story with Upskilled.

How are you finding the BSB41515 & BSB42015 - Dual Certificate IV in Project Management Practice and Leadership and Management? 

I’m still in the middle of it! I am about to submit my third module; having only started the course a month or so ago. If I have any questions I ask my trainer via the MyUpskilled platform and he replies quite quickly. So far I haven’t had any issues, and nothing has been too hard.

What made you decide to study project management, leadership and management?

I wanted to further my skills at work. I’ve been with a real estate company for nearly five years, working across various roles in reception, leasing, new business manager and now compliants and projects. I wanted to go down a project management pathway within the company, so I decided to show initiative and do the course to demonstrate that I would have the skills and knowledge to eventually gain a promotion.

project management concept

You must enjoy your work!

Yes. I don’t sell houses, or manage properties. I’m entering into the area of project teams and operations. Management spoke to me about going down that path and then I decided to do this course to gain more knowledge.   

What would be an example of a type of project management typical in your industry? 

An example would be implementing new software, and creating new procedures. These sorts of projects go on internally, behind the scenes. As a very large company, we have multiple internal processes and procedures and there is interest in continual development for the future.

How do you find studying online at your own pace? 

I finished school five years ago so I’m still “in the swing” of studying. I do the majority of my course at work; and usually aim get in a bit earlier every day, do about an hour of homework or complete one of the assessments. It motivates me to apply myself, as I want a career change and pay rise!

What are some of your career goals?

I would like to venture into an operations management position; potentially an operations 2IC for the department.

What advice would you give to a student thinking of studying this course?         

Speak to people that have done the course (or who have completed courses with Upskilled) and get their reviews. Look to previous student advice or current student advice.

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What personality traits make a good project manager?

  • Have a good attitude: you can always learn skills and knowledge but if you don’t have the right attitude, you won’t go anywhere.
  • Be organised: everyone will be more stress-free if you’re organised; and that goes down the chain.
  • Apply yourself: my advice is to get as much experience as you can.

Are you thinking about studying project management and leadership? 

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