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Project Management

What are the best courses for project management?

Upskilled offers both a certificate and diploma-level course in project management. Depending on where you are in your career, a qualification in project management can equip you with skills and knowledge needed to manage projects effectively so that you and your team can produce positive outcomes.

If you enjoy working autonomously and can easily work under pressure, consider studying a project management course online with Upskilled. You'll have access to our Student Support Services and specialist trainers, providing you with the support needed to achieve your career goals.
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  • What is it like to work in project management?

    The role of a project manager is an important one as there are many projects on-scope that need managing and execution - particularly when it comes to the day-to-day tasks that need overseeing. While there is a lot of autonomy in the role, you'll need to collaborate with other people - particularly with external stakeholders. 

    Here are some general tasks and responsibilities project managers tend to do: 
    • Conflict resolution with various stakeholders while also keeping them motivated for tasks.
    • Managing expenses and sticking to budget limits.
    • Reviewing completed tasks and making sure it fits with the project's needs and initiating revisions where required.
    • Checking progression of tasks, ensuring that they meet the project's objectives.
    • Scoping out the time required for a project and ensuring related tasks are completed within the predicted timeline.
  • What career outcomes can you achieve in project management?

    If you're an aspiring project manager, there are plenty of opportunities you can explore across various industries. Organisations and companies need project managers to be able to plan and execute projects that meet specific objectives, making for a lucrative and rewarding career path.

    Project managers tend to be more in-demand across the following industries:
    • ​Construction and infrastructure
    • Information Technology
    • Business Improvement and Transformation
    • Engineering
    • Marketing 
    • Consulting
    • Healthcare
  • What are the employment prospects in project management?

    Project managers commonly work in the construction industry. Due to the complex nature of projects in construction, the industry has a high need for skilled workers in project management.

    It's a project manager's responsibility to plan and execute construction jobs, as well as ensuring that construction workers carry out their duties in a safe manner. They also need to keep track of the supply of materials and resources available to the workers.

    If you're keen to start a career in project management, here are some interesting facts and figures about the employment prospects of Construction Project Managers:
    • Construction Project Managers need a formal qualification and Vocational Education and Training (VET) is a common study pathway.
    • The employment prospects remains strong for Construction Project Managers.
    • The average weekly pay is $3,450.
  • Why should you work in project management?

    • High salary potential: Due to the high demand for skilled workers in project management, you'll have leverage when it comes to salary negotiations. Experienced project managers generally get paid very well, earning an average salary of $119,125 in Australia.
    • Continuous development and career progression: If you value career progression, you can move up the career ladder with a project management career. Due to the complex nature of projects, you'll find yourself developing new skills along the way, as well as finding opportunities to upskill to ensure that you're qualified in managing high-level and complex projects.
    • A meaningful and impactful role: Working in a project management role can be challenging at first but when you have a handle on keeping schedule and seamless collaboration with colleagues, this is where you can improve the productivity of the team so that they can complete projects in a timely manner - saving time, money and resources.  
    • You get to work on unique projects: If you can't imagine yourself working on repetitive tasks, then a project management career can be a fulfilling and rewarding pathway. You'll get the opportunity to work on unique projects, making for exciting developments in your career trajectory.
  • Is project management the right career path for you?

    If you're someone that naturally posess great leadership and communication skills, you already have some valuable transferable skills that can help you build a successful career in project management. This role entails a lot of responsibility and accountability so it's important to also have attention to detail and be highly organised. 

    Here are some signs that could indicate a project management career may be for you:
    • You enjoy motivating people through their ideas.
    • You can convey your ideas and thoughts clearly.
    • You're capable of remaining calm and level-headed during stressful situations.
    • You have great problem-solving skills.
    • You're comfortable with delegating tasks. 
  • Why should you study project management?

    Studying project management isn't just working towards a career as a project manager - people who have roles where project management is a core aspect of their job can benefit from studying a course too. 

    Upskilled offers courses in project management and they are delivered online, providing flexibility for busy professionals looking to upskill outside of their work schedule. 

    Here are some great reasons why you should consider studying project management with Upskilled:
    • Student Support Services: If you experience any issues with your course, you'll be able to contact our Student Support team, who will be right with you when it comes to technical issues or problems related to course navigation.
    • Specialist trainers: The training you'll receive in project management will be done by trainers with extensive industry experience, helping you gain project management skills to support your career goals.
    • Access to interactive content: As an Upskilled student, you'll have access to exclusive content, like videos, that can complement your learning, providing you with the information needed to help you complete your assessments.
  • What qualifications do you need for project management?

    As mentioned before, people interested in pursuing a role in project management generally undertake Vocational Education and Training (VET) to become qualified for junior-level project management positions. People who also carry out project management related tasks may also benefit from studying a qualification. 

    Upskilled has courses available in project management, at both a certificate and diploma-level. Depending on the industry you work in, you may need additional qualifications related to your line of work. For more information on what type of project management course suits you, get in touch with one of our friendly education consultants. 



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