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Student Q&A: Lisa-Marie Baker

Business Faculty Student - Business Administration

Lisa-Marie from Capalaba, Queensland says that she wasn’t a huge fan of study back at school. “During school I didn’t like lots of paperwork, I liked to be hands on,” the early 20s mum of two says. Despite her dispassion for school, after she finished high school, Lisa-Marie managed to move on to higher learning and graduated with certificate-level qualification in business and both a Certificate III and IV in Hospitality.

“I had many opportunities to further my formal qualifications,” she explains, “however being bogged down with paperwork in my early 20s was not my idea of living, due to my maturity at the time.” Lisa-Marie was still very ambitious, and moved directly into a career. “After graduation I went to work in my chosen area of Hospitality,” Lisa-Marie says. “But now as a mum of two in my late 20s I really need additional qualifications to get into a better salary bracket – and to help me achieve what I wanted for my family; and my potential business ventures.” So, Lisa-Marie turned to Upskilled.

Finding the right course fit

To achieve her future career goals, the first thing Lisa-Marie wanted to do was to make sure she was studying the right course, so a conversation on the phone with an Education Consultant was a great place to start. “I started a discussion with an Upskilled EC to help with making my decision about what course would suit,” she explains, “we also discussed what I wanted to achieve.

The diploma-level qualification in Business Administration was the best advised course for me.” Because Lisa had a great idea about what she wanted to do, her learning path was off to a good start. “I really liked the simplicity of the course,” she explains. “The questions were asked in a straight forward way and the resources were readily available. I also found it a bonus that I had practical experiences from my working history to apply the course theory to.”

Future goals made real with online learning

Lisa-Marie decided on doing with this qualification to be able to assist with her local ministry. “I wanted to help manage and arrange conferences, appointments, and other ministry agendas,” she explains. This student’s positive outlook towards her goals and her passion for getting the work done has not come as easily as for some people, as Lisa-Marie had already overcome some significant challenges in her life.

“When I was 14 I had my first of many minor strokes,” she explains. “These happened after years of managing neurological issues, including frequent stroke-like events, which were eventually diagnosed as Hemiplegia migraine attacks.” “I spent three months relearning how to function daily - my condition is called Functional neurological disorder - also known as conversions disorder.” Despite these health challenges, Lisa-Marie was able to continue her learningand look positively towards her goals.

Overcoming challenges to achieve

“In the middle of this course my brain decided to finally shut down,” Lisa-Marie says. “I could put it down to all the studying I was doing (and the million other things a children's minister and mother needs to do!) but the truth is my brain (nervous system specifically) said ‘no more’.”

Lisa-Marie has been determined to not only get through her studies, but to re-enter the workforce and to excel and succeed at everything she does. “With my new life and health, I have discovered that my course will assist me with stepping back into the workforce after five years being ‘out’ while parenting. The Business Administration course will help me run my home, and my home ministry with more precision.”

Learning “your way” but with support

Lisa-Marie managed to work through her learning in a self-paced format, and achieved what she set out to do in a very respectable amount of time. “For this particular course, it took me 11 months to do the theory,” she explains. “While I had 98% completed in just six months, I fell ill, and I had to hold off on the last portion of the course until I got better.” But Lisa-Marie was determined. “Because I had 9 years working in the hospitality industry and have worked closely in management roles, my experience allowed me to fly through this course with honest ease,” she says. “I applied my learning to my practical, already attained knowledge.”

Upskilled offers students the ability to study online, in a flexible format. This suits many people who have busy lives, and who don’t want to attend a campus. Lisa-Marie says that she found studying online to be, “refreshing, easy and suitable,” for her needs, and she found that her trainer Keith’s input was helpful to her advancement. “I appreciated my trainer Keith Mogford’s availability - even with the time difference,” Lisa-Marie says. “Even over the phone, he was so helpful, and instrumental in me choosing to stay with Upskilled. Keith really knew what I wanted to achieve, and I knew and felt that he really was interested in wanting me to get the best outcome by choosing the right course for my goals.”

The Business Administration industry in Australia

“Computers and technology are both on the rise, so a lot of business administration roles will be replaced in the near future with applications and computer programs like Siri that can process information automatically, eliminating human error,” explains Lisa-Marie. “But in saying this - in life there is always someone behind the scenes, making things happen.”

“I really like the notion of working as a professional in the industry. I like to learn, and am a self-taught person in many areas of life,” Lisa-Marie says. “I believe in equipping yourself with life-changing information and opportunities which are limitless. Our only limit is ourselves.”

“Quitting is never an option- life offers us opportunities to grow, learn and evolve into the best person we can be for the benefit of all those around us,” Lisa-Marie says. “I live to change myself from strength to strength and along the way lift people up and show them life can be won.”

Studying with Upskilled

“Upskilled has been a tool in my life to get the qualification I need to satisfy my future employment and ministry opportunities,” Lisa-Marie says. “If I choose to further my quals, I will definitely contact Upskilled,” she says. “Keith my trainer was so supportive, as was my family.”

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